Saturday, July 22, 2006

Things that make Moms get gray hair.

    My son, the one that just got out of the hospital last week and has had nothing but trouble with his leg since his vein stripping just came home with 2 friends and informed us he is going to ride tomorrow in RAGBRAI.  At least one day.  That is 54+ miles.   Now he has done the ride before plus 100 miles and normally is very fit, not like his ole mom.  But I do worry.  He did not inform his doctor who had told him before surgery he wouldn't be able to go.  He has no intention of calling his doctor and letting him know.  Yes my son is almost 30.  Still, I worry.  You want to support your kids but you worry.  Part of me thinks this might be good for his leg, part of me worries this might be really bad for his leg.  Whats a Mom to do but add some gray hairs.  Plus I am really bummed  I am not going with him.  I really wanted to do the ride this year.  Next year for sure.

   One of the nurses last night was talkng about how she was bummed before she came to work but taking care of patients reminds you of how lucky you are.  I always feel that way.  When my arthritis is kicking in really bad and my back hurts I always can find a patient that makes me feel quilty about feeling so sorry for myself. 

    Then I got to wondering.  How would it be to be THAT patient!  You know, the one that everyone can point to and say with relief, well I'm not THAT bad!  Who does that patient point to?  I bet if you were to ask the patient he would  have someone he would point to also.  So maybe you are never given more then you can carry.......Well, enough rambling on.  Time for work to take my mind off of my sons ride tomorrow.  Everyone send prayers his way for a safe ride.  He means the world to me.



jckfrstross said...

Praying for your son:)


inquestoftruth said...

Kids.   Kids!!   You can't turn your back on 'em.  lol    Just remind him to stop if he's hurting.    Then follow behind him with a bat and knock him off his bike if he looks like he's over doing it.   Heh

springangel235 said...

Tell me about the worry of kids in their 30's....I have two of them.  I pray your son's leg gets totally better...this has been so stressful and painful for him.  It worrys me he wants to ride with his friends...please have him take care...hugs and love,