Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Welcome home Wednesday


   Dan is home.   His leg is still red and painful, but so much better.  He has 7 more days of antibiotics and hopefully is finally on the mend.  The doctor wants him to walk 3 times a day which is still a problem.  He is using crutches as his other leg is doing really good but it hurts to put his weight down on the bad leg.  I have had so many surgeries but never anything on my legs, thank goodness.  It looks like it really hurts.  Tomorrow it will be 2 weeks since his surgery so hopefully better days ahead.  Zoey the nurse dog is back at his side.  She feels like she dropped the ball I guess and hasn't left his side since he got home.

   I ate my tomatoes I grew on my salad yesterday and oh my goodness, little round bits of heaven.  They are the best I have tasted all year.  Now I wish I had grown some big ones this year.  I usually do but just did cherry and grape this year.  My plants are huge, alot taller then my 5' 4" and have hundreds of tomatoes on each plant.  I am having a problem because they are so big they are bending and the tomatoe cages aren't tall enough.  I am building some for next year.  They looked so tiny in the huge tubs I grow them in when I plant them and now the tub looks way to small.  They take 40 pounds of planting soil in each bucket.

   I am off my advair as of this morning.  Hopefully I won't have any attacks and hopefully the swelling in my legs and whole body will get better.  I have pitting edema up to my knees.  I am suppose to weight in Friday so will see if it helps.  I need to drink my 64 ounces of water yet forthe wellness challenge.

  Last night at work was a very busy busy day.   I got a sweet young girl of 19 in with conjested heart failure.  She just gave birth last week.  She went into flash pulmonary edema on me and kept me on my toes trying to keep her alive in the middle of the night.  She has no idea how sick she is and just looked so young and scared.   I sure hope she has a good outcome.  I thank god for giving me the skills to help her and ease her fears. Since the other nurses are more comfortable taking care of older patients I said I would take her again when I work tonight.  I was a pediatric nurse so it doesn't bother me that she is young.  So say a prayer for a young mother who is sicker then she knows.

   Well, time to hit the shower and figure something out for supper.  My other half has been dropping the ball and not pulling his share.  I am not suppose to do the meals on the days I work but lately if we want to eat, I have to make it.  Time for the lets sit down and talk about rolls here talk.  Since he doesn't work I really think he should be doing everything housework wise.  I remember years ago when I didn't work for 9 months I did all the housework, shopping, laundry, yard work, childcare, cooking you name it.  Now I am working 12 hour nights and still doing it all.  Sigh.  So off  I go.  One last night and then my long stretch off.  I am hoping for a good auction this weekend.  I need to find some cool things for the store as I have sold quite a few things.  Bye all.

   Oh, I wanted to share a site with you.  If you like cats you will love this site, even if you don't like cats this site is so cute.



madcobug said...

Glad that your son came home. I hope him and you both soon get well with those legs. I sure hope the young mother will soon get well also. Yep, your hubby should help more if he is able to. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Your Ole Boy don't want me to have to come up there!     (You really do need to have that talk!)  So glad Dan's home and on the mend!     Keep us posted on the young girl...

jckfrstross said...

hope you son is on the mend:) praying for the 19 yr old mom. have a good night


lanurseprn said...

Catching up here Julie.  Been behind in joural reading.  Hope that young mom does well.  Good luck to your son, too.