Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Another Day In Paradise

   It is cooler this morning so we are getting ready for a ride as it heats up rapidly.  Last night we went for pizza and beer.  I needed to relax.  Our son went with us which is rare and we met a friend so a grand time was had.  I did my photo scavenger shoot on the way home and hit the hay early.  Another day off gone.  I have to be charge tonight and am frankly not looking forward to it.  But 2 more days and then my long stretch off.  I live for those days off.  

   Breakfast was just a slim fast.  I haven't recieved my books yet and expect them today.  I had a terrible weekend off plan.  Just could not get with the program.  Eating when I am under a lot of stress has always been a problem.  You would think at my age I would have that under control.  Not.  The kitty and me have alot in common.  Except the cat looks kind of cute fat.........



sugarsweet056 said...

OMG! Love that Kitty pic!!!
Long stretch, WOO HOO! :)
Got your card!!! TY so much, have you recvd mine yet?
I get off plan often, TOO often! Just have to get back on.
Hugs, Sugar

jckfrstross said...

i love the cat LOL its cooler here also we shall see if it stays. Praying for rain:) glad you had a good time with son and friend