Monday, July 24, 2006

Day Off

   It is hot and humid again.  To hot for a ride.  To hot for cooking, to hot.  To cool myself down I thought I would share a couple of pictures.  It makes the weather seem not that bad after all,



   There, now don't you all feel better.  Those pictures where taken just 4 months ago! 

    Work was simply awful last night.  4 terrible nights in a row.  I think I sent a patient to ICU each night.  The nice thing about working in ICU is you get 1 to 2 patients.  I was taking care of very critical patients 6 to 7 at a time with a couple of them straddling the fence all night.  I am mentally exhausted today and Oh so ready to just chill.  Back to the grind tomorrow.  My boss had the gull to ask why no one made it to supper and had overtime.  For one thing, there is no place to go at night to take a break, the cafeteria is closed.  We don't have the staff to have someone off the floor for 1/2 hour.  We were really really busy saving lifes and making her look good.  They insisted we all stay a extra half hour without pay and take a supper break.  Since they implimented this 4 weeks ago I have been able to take a break twice.  They don't want to pay us overtime for not getting to supper so they are always refusing to pay up.  I told my boss if she could do what I did this weekend and take a break and get out on time I would give up my overtime.  I know she won't take me up on that.

   My son is stiff and sore today but happier then I have seen him for awhile.  Happily no one has gotten killed so far on RAGBRAI but there have been some accidents.  None life threatening.  Usually at least one person dies because they tried the ride without training for it and sometimes a car decides they are tired of waiting and plows into a bunch of riders.

   I am eating out today.  To hot to cook.  My books should be here tomorrow.  For today, I am relaxing.  Check out the tomatoes I just picked, they are the sweetest I have ever grown.  Great on salads.



sugarsweet056 said...

AWWWW Cooling pics for sure...let me get a litle closer to the screen!!!!! AWWWW that feels much better! :)
Great looking tomatoes!
Shame you can't get a supper break. :(
Hugs, Sugar

jckfrstross said...

check with the dept of labor i don't think they can force you to stay a 1/2 later to make up for your missed lunch. i would check that out sounds fishy to me. its hot here also yuck love the snow pics


jckfrstross said...

oh i know tell them from now on you will leave a 1/2 early if you don't get lunch


inquestoftruth said...

That's against the law, Girlie!    I can't believe they think they can do that!!!   In fact...what would happen if someone grumbled to the Dept. of Labor, is they'd have to cough up another body to ensure you got breaks.   That's just the way that is.    Where do they live?  I'm coming up there!   Nice looking tomatoes.   They almost look like they'd be good.   lol   (ewww)  

linnpooh said...

Hi Julie,
I'm finally getting caught up on journal entries from the 2 weeks I was gone....phew, it's quite a job!! I'm so happy that your son did the ride and made it home safely, I can understand why you would be worried. Also glad to see you ordered & got your WW is it going? If you need any help or questions answered, shoot me an e-mail. As for the post cards, I just now learned of them and told Sugar I'd send her one, but decided to check if I can even get any from here before I tell anyone else that I will.....we live in a village so small if you sneeze you miss it!!! As soon as I find out, I'll definitely let you know!!  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the snow pictures, just not the bad roads part :)

Pooh Hugs,

lanurseprn said...

Hi Julie...I'm finally catching up on your journal.  The snow pictures look so wonderful!! Ahhhh...!!
Love the tomatoes....look yummy!  Gotta continue catching up with you.