Monday, July 17, 2006

Bike ride

   We finally got a ride in tonight.  We went after supper and it was so nice.  Much cooler.  We wanted to go find that other trail.  We had an idea where to find it so started on the trail in South Sioux and rode to where the gravel road started.  We decided it we took the river road we would cut across and run into it on the other side of the fields.  What a road that turned out to be.  Soft dirt and ruts that 4 wheel drives would have trouble with.  Also people use it to dump their trash,( may there be a special place in hell for people who litter and throw their garbage all over), so we were dodging all kinds of junk and trying not to bog down in the soft dirt.  For the first time I wondered if maybe I should have a helmet.  I needed my sons mountain bike for that type of terrain.  Anyway we finally made it and after climbing over a guard rail and lifting our bikes over we were back on a civilized trail.  Have to admit it was kind of fun.  This trail is new and not very long, maybe a mile but it takes you into town and you can hit the other trail which is what we did.  We rode out to the lake and back the old way.  12 miles and it was dark by the time we got back to the car.  I had a headlight on my bike so we could see pretty good, but riding at night you run into bugs.  What a nice ride.  I have been really wanting to ride.


   Remember we were at the monument when we first saw this trial.  See in on the hill in the background.  This is the drainage ditch that runs along side the trail.


   We hit the lake just as the sun was going down and had this pretty sunset.

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inquestoftruth said...

What a beautiful sunset!!   I wonder if you'll take that "new" trail again?   lol   Sounds like an adventure.