Monday, July 17, 2006

Hot Hot Hot


   Everyday I think, I will ride my bike today but....... yesterday it was 103.  And Humid!  That is sooooo hot.  Today it is suppose to only be 96 so I am going to ride and hope it doesn't kill me.  

   I went to the auction yesterday and picked up some lovely pottery.  I didn't stay for the depression glass as I had already spent 166 and didn't want to spend more.  As usual  I got some items I would love to keep and one piece for sure I am holding back to save.  Isn't it lovely!  I just love Hull.


   It was a very fast paced auction which I like even though I missed a couple of things while I was talking to Rick.  He hates auctions but I make him come to haul things for me.   I spent the morning listing everything which is such a chore.   I hate writing discriptons.   Hopefully the pictures will speak for themselves.

   I am going to have a huge salad for lunch with fresh cherry tomatoes from my plants.  They have turned out to be the best tomatoes  I have ever tasted.  Yummy.

   Dan is still slowly recovering.  His ankle contiues to hurt the worse as one of the incisions is write beside the ankle bone and still swollen.  He is hobbling around though and all the redness is now gone.  Thank goodness.  I was more then a little worried.

   I took this picture of Mommy Deerest as she was drinking out of my birdbath.  Stay out of my flowers I told her.  She looks like she is giving me the raspberry.


   Mommy Deerest has been coming to my yard for about 4 years now.  I recognize her by the scar on her shoulder.  Usually she has some pretty little babies to show off but none this year.  Did they die?  Did she not have any?  This is the first year I haven't seen her with any.


mawmellow said...

Is that Hull pottery ??  It's beautiful.

jckfrstross said...

so what all did you get for 166 dollars? just wondering lol enjoy your week


thegirlnexdoor77 said...

Hot for an auction too hummm...I just went to one the other day and thought I was gonna die...but got a nice dresser and dresser with mirror for my daughters room...the pottery is beautiful...Hull...I will have to remember that name when I am

lanurseprn said...

That is a gorgeous vase!  I can see why you don't want to sell that one!  Love the pic of Mommy Deerest.  She's beautiful.