Sunday, July 9, 2006

One more night gone, one to go.


    Well it was a quiet night at work last night.  Only some low blood sugars, no chest pain.  Did have a very sad drowning come in downstairs which puts a pall on the evening ,but all in all a quiet night.  To quiet as the night just dragged. 

    Found out after I had done assignments and all the nurses were here that one nurse we thought we had was off today which was a drag.  Everyone else had to pick up her load.  I hate being charge. 

   Anyway one more night and then I am off tomorrow.  Eating was bad last night.  Boredom snacking.  I kept telling myself no and doing it anyway.  I don't understand it.  I talked to the asthma doc who says it might be the advair increasing my appetite.  I just have to get my well power stronger.  I will work on that with my meditation again.  I have been concentrating on my breathing with my meditations lately and need to go back to working on my weight loss and self control  Always something.

   Well, I am off to bed.  Tired.  Below is a picture of my poor sons leg.  I am concerned about the red streak.


  On a happier note is the tomatoe that are turning red on my plants.



inquestoftruth said...

Poor Dan!!  I know what you mean about "not understanding it."   I sure haven't been able to understand that particular thing in myself either.   Hopefully, it was just last night and today will be better, and it's not the meds causing the increase in appetite.   Keep us posted on Dan's leg... does look pretty painful.

treesrgreen78 said...

Hi Julie just remember one more night and you have the day off (smiling).  I understand how you feel when you are not really busy and then you start snacking.  Currently, I am on diet for diabetes and i did very well for a long time then went off the diet and ate everything I wanted now my levels are higher and if I dont get them down i have to go on the pills.  We know we should not eat something but alas  we do, but then we get back on the diet and do better, good luck with your diet.

Dan's leg is indeed very sore and painful looking.  The red streak does concern me as well.  I know I read in your other entry that they were looking after it but if the red streak gets higher, it might be wise to take him to the ER.  Will says prayers that Dan's leg starts to improve and that you and i both get back on our diets.  God bless.

treesrgreen78 said...

Oh dear forgot to comment on your beautiful tomatoes.  I am in Ontario and mine are just starting to grow  first time for a vegetable garden for me  if mine turn out like yours then I will be ecstatic.  Just simply beautiful, as plants and flowers and things in the garden are one of my dearest loves.  Make sure you have some fried tomatoes with them.

lanurseprn said...

Sorry your night at work was so long.  Always hard when the nurses have to have a heavier load.  
You sons leg looks very painful!!!  OUCH!!!  I hope it's feeling better.
Your tomatoes look so good!  There's nothing like home grown tomatoes.  
Have a good rest today and I hope you have a better night tonight.