Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tuesday afternoon

  My son is still in the hospital but I think is doing a little better.  We are trying to find out what the nodules are in his groin .  He has a incision there and they mentioned the nodules, but didn't say what they are.  Lymph nodes from infection?  Anyway he is going to ask the doctor when he comes today.  The pain is still very bad and he is groggy when we visit. 

   The funny thing is he is on bedrest.  Yesterday he said he was going to have to try and hobble to the bathroom because he needed to go.  I told him bedrest meant bedpan.  He was shocked.  No way!  His sweet young nurse called the doctor and got permission for him to go to the bathroom.  The relief on his face was priceless.  They got him a walker so hopefully he will be able to hobble in there when the time comes. 

   The leg doesn't look as red but I swear it looks more swollen.  I sure hope it gets better soon.

    I got through my night OK even though I had only 4 hours of sleep.  Fortunately we were busy so it went fast.  I just got through sleeping around 10 hours playing catch up.  What wonderful crazy dreams I had last night.  Didn't want to wake up and end them. 


    It is hot and humid in Iowa this week.  I wish I had AC in the whole house.  Everything feels damp and heavy.  My tomato plants are loving it though and I have some red cherrys ready.  They will be on my salad today.

    I am going to try tapering off of my Advair to see if I need it anymore.  My legs are so swollen and I am really retaining fluid.  I am going to have to take some Lasix today which is a water pill.  They also give me bad leg cramps so I don't like taking them but don't like being this swollen either.  Hopefully the rescue inhaler will be enough.  I can see this is some of the weight gain I am having now that I can see how swollen I am.  Even my fingers and arms are puffy.

    I want to thank everyone for their prayers.  Even though my son is 29 I still worry and as a nurse I know all the problems that could happen with his infected leg.  Makes me really nervous.  His job told him to just take it easy and get better.  He is a hard worker and they  really like him. 

   Well, I am going to get ready to go to the gym and then will visit my son before work.  I also have to hit the store for meals for the next 2 days.  Thanks again everyone.




jckfrstross said...

hope your son feels better soon:) good luck with the swelling in your legs i am having the same problem feet and ankles are swollen ugh.... have a good tuesday


madcobug said...

Hope your son soon gets a lot better and hope the swelling in you body soon gets better also. There is never to many prayers for a person is there. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Poor you!!  working on 4 hours sleep, and on your feet most of the shift, I'm sure...  Son will get better soon!  Hang in there.

wrigleyrachey said...

Hi, I understand your worries about your son, but sure he will be ok.Hope all goes well with the doc report. Regarding your swollen legs, could it be the heat? cos I swell up in what little heat we have here in Britain. Water retention causes weight gain, but it is not fat and will subside, so don't worry. Let us know how your son is after his doctor's visit, and be positive! We are all 'with you'