Monday, July 3, 2006



   Well it's Monday morning and is already hot and humid in Iowa.  The air must be better though as no breathing problems yet.

    I calculated up my calories from yesterday.  1530.  More then I wanted.  I have such a terrible problem after supper.  It just triggers me to eat for some reason.  I have to find the strength to not do it.  At work it is easy because from 7 to 1 am is my busy time but at home it is when I get ready to curl up with a book or watch a movie.  I had popcorn last night but wanted more.  Usually that will fill me up.  I really am suspecting the Advair as being one reason my hunger is so out of control, that and lack of will-power.

    Today I am sore from working out yesterday.  That is what happens if you take time off from the gym.  I think I will go again today or a bike ride.  Rick is back home so I will see what he wants to do.

   Breakfast this morning was lite yogurt and a banana.  Lunch will be slim fast and I am making something out of chicken unless that changes.  It could.  I also have to run some paperwork to the Doctors for my son.   They charged $25.00 just to fill out his FMLA and short term disability papers. 

    That is so outrageous.  I have had 10 surgeries and never had to pay such a ridiculous sum.  No wonder no one goes to the doctor anymore.  Then they get labeled as noncompliant.  I am getting soooooo sick of the over-charging and down right insurance fraud that goes on these days since the insurance companies took control of the doctors business.  Things were cheap until DRG's, PTO's, HMO's you name it.  They have ruined our health care system.  We are moving closer and closer to socialized medicine and no one even complains.  When a doctor bills you as having surgery when you just had a cysto, which is just a test where they look into your bladder, no incision, no anesthesia, no IV just so they can charge more and get reimbursed from the insurance company something is wrong.  I had a doctor that put CHF on everyone one of my bills or cholecystitis so he could charge more.  Once I started paying more attention I made them remove it and write me a new bill. 

    I always get itemized bills from the hospital also.  Last time they charged me for 22 antibiotic IV's!  They were ordered every 8 hours postop.  I had one in surgery, one later that night and one in the morning.  That is 3.  They wanted over $500 for them!  You really have to watch your bill and make sure they give you credit for things you didn't recieve.

   OK, off my soap box again.  That is such a sore topic for me.  I take care of people all the time who waited until they were very very sick before going to to the doctor because they can't afford it.  It didn't used to be this way and if we were to go back to doing it the way we used to do it, people could afford health care.  It will never happen though as the insurance companies are making way to much money off of the way it is done now.  You know pockets are being padded.

    OK, no plans for tomorrow.  I want to see some fireworks but am not even sure if there are any tomorrow.  It is illegal in Iowa for anything but sparklers, bottle rockets and smoke bombs.  You wouldn't know it though by the way my neighborhood sounds.  My dog is a nervous wreak.  Not a drop of bird dog training in her.  I gave her a bath yesterday and she is so soft and shiny.

                 Everyone have a great day. 

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springangel235 said...

It's hot here too with storms predicted for tonight...hope they cool things off.  Soreness comes with workouts...but it tells you the muscles are getting tighter at least.  Hope you have a lovely 4th of July...ours will be quiet dinner for two...all the grandkids are going out to parks with their parents...hugs and much love,

treesrgreen78 said...

Julie i just read your journey to lose weight.  May I wish u the best.  I have a friend i met in a chatroom.  She weighed over 700 pounds.  She has lost over 300 to this point and wish to lose another 250.  She has done this through strictly her own  motivation and that of a dear friend who passed away and encouraged her to lose the weight and gain back her health.  So you can do it too, I am sure.
Currently, I am a diabetic on diet control.  I too have a challenge this month, if i dont get my sugar count down, I have to start the pills and as I am already on so many I do not wish to do this but at the moment the count is not dropping but i have a few weeks left to get it right.
I enjoyed your entry hope to see u visit my journal again in the future.