Sunday, July 23, 2006

He's off!

Well they got up early, packed up and off they went.  Sigh.  They kept the bike in my garage which made me nervous.  Shane is riding a demo Canondale bike worth $5000,  Dan's bike is worth $2400,  and I think Mikes is around $1200.  We made sure to lock the garage.  My husband will pick them up in Ida Grove around 11:30.   I pray this isn't a huge mistake and he is OK.

   Well I had a absolutely busy busy night last night.  I am getting to old for this I think and my back is killing me.  I am going to bed and pray the phone doesn't ring with bad news.  Deb I got your wonderful postcard of beautiful Colorado.  Mine should be there soon.

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inquestoftruth said...

Keep us posted on Sonny Boy  :)