Saturday, July 8, 2006


OK so the weigh in didn't go well. up 2 pounds! Every single one of us was up except the nurse who had the gastric bypass. We think it is the scale. It gets used so often. I did so good the last 3 days. I do not feel heavier. I bought some new uniforms, pants are smaller. I know I am losing inches. Why not the weight.\

I need to do water aerobics again. That is what really works for me. I love bike riding, but I am always heavier after a ride. Anyway, work has been busy and we have been running all night. 2 more nights to go.

Dan, my son, is finally doing alittle better. He did get a rash from the antibiotics so another allergy to add to his long list. The swelling is down though and the pulse is better. I can relax and Zoey slept with me yesterday so she must think he is OK to be alone now. The nurse dog always knows.


madcobug said...

That is odd weighing more after a bike ride. Must be the liquids you drink while riding. Glad your son is feeling better. Now Zoey can relax. Have a good weekend. helen

lanurseprn said...

I think it's the fluid you drink during the ride that makes you retain.  You HAVE to be building muscle and toning from those long rides.  There's no way you CAN'T be!
I'm sooooo glad your son is on the mend finally.  How cute that you have a nurse dog in the midst.  
Enjoy your day.

inquestoftruth said...

Don't worry about the 2 lbs.   You know how we women are, with the water and all.   If you love biking, don't give it up, it's exercise...and you will not always be heavier after the ride....and if you are losing inches, you are looking better, and that is, after all, our main goal!   The lbs will follow.    Focus more on're doing great!!   (let me go look in the mirrow and tell myself all this too!)   So glad Son is doing better!