Friday, July 28, 2006



   It is suppose to be 97 degrees out today.  To hot to ride.  I have packages to mail and the library says the book I wanted is in so I have to go there.  The book is Marley & Me: Life and Love with the World's Worst Dog.  I hear it is a great book.  I read alot since I have no TV. 

    Then when all my chores are done I hope to hit the gym.  I haven't been for weeks.  When  I ride for 3 hours I don't want to work out for another 2 hours.  Since I can't ride in this heat the treadmill will have to do and I want to get back to lifting weights.  I do the weight training for my bones.  Light weights will help the bones and I want my dextra scan to be better.  It was awful the last time I had it done.  He told me not to fall off of my bike because my back or hips could easily break.  All the spills I took over the years I have never broke anything except a finger and toe.  I did break my back lifting a patient once but it was because of my Spina bifida.  I had some bones that weren't fused together and when I lifted the patient they broke off.  Painful.

   Maybe a cold sandwich would be good for supper and I should make that low fat potato salad.   I never did look for the recipe. 

   Anyway that is my day.  Hope not to cook it is so hot.  I want to clean house also but it will wait until tonight when it is cooler.  I also have to take some Lasix as my edema is terrible again.  I cut down on my water.  I can't drink that much when I am not riding as I just retain it.  The joys of aging just go on and on.....

    I never like cooking when it is this hot.  I don't have central air and only have air conditioning in my bedrooms.  We will probably grill as I can't afford to eat out every night.    I had slimfast for breakfast and I am going to make a tomatoe salad with some of the tomatoes picked.  They are so good.

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springangel235 said...

It is hot here and we are getting ready for a big storm to approach us now...and into the evening.  Hope you light meal comes out sound like me...when it is is too hot to cook!  Sandwiches are the way to go.  
Have a great weekend...hugs and love,