Monday, July 17, 2006

he My Auction Haul

   I have a passion for pottery and that is mostly what I buy and sell in my store.  I also collect so I have many of these in my collection and usually only buy things I will be happy to keep if they don't sell.  I also buy so if anyone out there has some vintage pottery you want to part with let me know.   Here is what I got yesterday.  The auction was in doors and air conditioned plus a sit down auction, heaven!


     I am thinking this is a Weller Forest Jardiniere but I can't find my book to be certain.  Have to hit the library.


  This is a Haeger Leaf planter.  I love the glaze and there is a definate Teco look to it.


   This vase was made by Redwing.  It is a tall vase and I can just picture it with flower cuttings in it. 


  A beautiful Hall Parade teapot.  Just look at the lines and glaze on it.  They made such great teapots.


   Hull's Woodland Cornucopia.  From the 1950's but still perfect.  I love the colors.


Another Hull Woodland cornucopia in a different glaze color.  Nice.


  This is a Hull Wildflower cornucopia.  This one is older then the first 2 and the one I am hoping to keep.


  Set of Hull's footed planters in the Royal line also called Mist.  From the 1950's also.  You can see why Hull is called the heavenly pottery.


   Wonderful McCoy Double Tulip vase.  Word of caution if you ever buy on ebay.  There is lots and lots of fake McCoy on ebay and I am seeing it in antique malls lately also.  Lots of fake Roseville also.   If your ever thinking of buying something and aren't sure if it is real drop me a line.  I hate the fake stuff and can usually spot it a mile away and if I am not sure, I have lots of places to go to find out for sure.  We want the fake sellers off line.


   McCoy Floraline scalloped bowl.  This was made for florist shops in the 50's and 60 and is becoming more and more popular.  The glaze is nice and it is a heavy pottery.  You can still pick them up at reasonable prices, but the prices are going up.


   A pair of rusty antique skates because.....well I think they're cool!


And last a glass 5" flower frog because it was in with the skates.  They do come in handy.

   So that is my haul.  I think I did pretty good, what do you all think?



jckfrstross said...

very nice:) wow all that you did good enjoy your week


inquestoftruth said...

I am extremely ignorant when it comes to pottery!   I do like the looks of this stuff, though...I think you got a very nice haul!

sugarsweet056 said...

Hugs, Sug

lanurseprn said...

Such beautiful things!!  You did very well.  Good luck selling them.

springangel235 said...

They are all just so pretty...good finds...and buys!
Hugs and love,

thegirlnexdoor77 said...

they are all so pretty...I love them all!  my mom sells things she get at auctions too...hugs,TerryAnn