Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The sons are home


           My sons are both homes safe and sound.   They drove 14 hours straight so made it early Sunday morning.  So now I have all his stuff piled up plus a guinea pig I didn't know was coming.  So her highness Zoey has her nose all bent out of shape.

        I have 2 more nights to work.   Today we got a dumpster rather then run my MIL's stuff to the dump, that way I can get my basement and garage and the old house emptied out.  Plus a nice strong son to help with the heavy stuff.  It is good to see him.  He is hurting from missing his children but glad to see us.

      I start PT this week.  I am having so much trouble with pain I just need to try something.  Maybe if I scheduled it for after work it will work out the kinks.  Who knows.

      Well, this is short but I am doing supper.  Cooking!  How domestic of me, LOL.


madcobug said...

Glad they made it safley home. Poor Zoey I hope she makes the poor Guinea pig her new friend LOL. Getting a dumpster was a good idea. Hope the PT works for you. Helen

radar446 said...

Glad everyone made it safely.  PT should help you out.  My Mother swears by it and says that it relieves so much of her pains.  I hope it has the same effect on you.


jlocorriere05 said...

I hope the PT helps you Julie. I'm glad your sons are home, complete with guinea pig! A dumpster is a far better idea than all that running to the tip, good to know you won't be doing the heavy lifting! Jeannette xx  

kirkbyj05 said...

Good idea with the dumpster and the clearing out of the old house too.  That will keep your son busy and occupied whilst he gets used to being away from his children and back home again.   Men tend to enjoy the physical side of working out their stress in this way.  I hope it keeps him occupied and tires him out nicely for bed so that he sleeps soundly.  There will be time to talk later.
Look after your back and leave all the heavy stuff to the boys.

I know how much you love 'cooking '.  Lol!   Their hard work will build up a large appetite...hope you have made plenty of grub.   hahahahaha!

Jeanie xxxx

springangel235 said...

Glad they both are home.  I like the idea of the dumpster rather than the travel, it should make things easier.  Hope you have a good midweek...hugs and love,

jimsulliv3 said...

Nice to hear your sons got home alright. I'm sure Zoey's got a case of the asspirations with the guinea pig there. Go Zoey !


linnpooh said...

I'm glad your boys are home, after all you have been through lately I think this will be really nice for you. Being a Mommy still does our heart good.....at any age!

Pooh Hugs,