Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Lucky


 Friday it rained all day.  Saturday it was the perfect day.  Today cloudy and cooler.  How lucky is that.   Perfect weather.  I feel blessed that all the well wishes from my J-land friends worked.

    Today I put a lot of left over stuff on freecycle.  You come and get, its yours for nothing.  Both trunks went and the holiday decorations.  Whittling down the pile.  And some time for deep cleaning.  I scrubbed out all the cub boards.  I would like to paint them before they move in.  My son can get paint for discount so that will help.  Of course his father is the best carpet layer in Sioux City so the stairs are covered and we even have enough carpet to do his bathroom.

    We have to get the key from my BIL as he is still coming in when we aren't there and removing things.  For some reason he took to hose.  Now why would a homeless man need garden hose?  Mystery.  We are buying new and it comes out of his portion.

     Well, supper is done.  By all.  Check out the graphic from Linda.  Love it



rbrown6172 said...

wonderful graphic.  i love it too.  :)

radar446 said...

You are still making great progress with things.  I'm at a loss as to why your BIL would need a garden hose.  That is strange indeed.


madcobug said...

Guess maybe the BIL was going to sell the hose. Might just need to change locks because he may have had more keys made so he could get in when he wants to. That tag is beautiful. Helen

coelha said...

May be he needs the hose to wash himself with?  I know that sounds awful, but...  who knows!  Julie

maryajacobs5 said...

Go for changing the locks, much simpler. Anyway he may give the key back, but whose to say he has not had another one cut?  Sounds like you were really lucky with the weather