Monday, April 21, 2008

My Day


    The MRI went well.  It was so noisy and my back just froze from laying flat so they had to help me sit up.  I had to do some walking to get the kinks out.

      After that we went to get groceries, then back to get the cat.  Poor Ebony.  If cats can have their jaws drop that is what happened to the poor cat.  She got out of her box and looked around the empty room.  Her little kitty jaw dropped and she slunk around looking and smelling everything loudly verbalizing her confusion at the changes.  What the H--l.  Finally she settled down.  Then off I went to the dentist.  No cavities.  I have a cracked tooth but not bad.  Back to the house and worked for 2 hours on getting things ready for the dump and goodwill.  Then I called and scheduled a carpet cleaning to come on Wed.

       Ok. that was all done and then we got a call that Ricks young cousin husband had died of the cancer he had.  A week after they talked about putting him on hospice.  What a shock.  Poor you man was only 39 and leaves behind his young wife and 3 children.   My prayers go out to his family.

     We went out to eat and home. yes I know...I should cook.  I am lazy in that department.

        Tomorrow my son wants me to go look at paint with him.  That should be fun.  I am excited about redecorating his house.  I love to paint.

        My back is still out.  I hate to keep talking about how bad it hurts but must admit it has slowed me way down.  The pain is enough to have me in tears a couple of times so I am hoping it settles down soon.

          Well, that was my day.  Time to read everyone entries and just chill out.   Take care all.



jimsulliv3 said...

Sorry to hear about your back and your kitty's plight.


linnpooh said...

I'm glad the MRI is over for you and that it went well.....although sorry it hurt your back even more. Hopefully soon they will have an answer for you.

Poor little Ebony, I can understand her confusion....:)

That is so sad about Rick's cousin's husband dying....what a young man. I will keep his family in my prayers, especially his children.

Have fun tomorrow picking out sounds like a great day :)

Pooh Hugs,

linnpooh said...

That typo in the previous comment of mine should read "Picking out PAINT", not pain!! Lord knows you have enough of your own, you don't need to go picking out some to buy...LMAO!!!!

Pooh Hugs,

madcobug said...

Poor Ebony has had a time of it with her mistress gone. No wonder she was upset with the furniture gone also.
Glad that your MRI went well.
That is good, no cavities on your dentist visit. I am sorry about Rick's cousin. Sad about him going and leaving behind a young family. My prayers will include his family. May they find peace and comfort from God to see them through this.
When your back hurts so bad it's only natural to talk about it so don't worry about mentioning it. You have my sympathy on this. Hope that back feels better soon. Good luck with helping your son find the paint he wants. Helen

kirkbyj05 said...

Poor you and this chronic bad back of yours.  Just you let out the moans and groans.  Better out than in Julie.  It must be awful to have to live and work with it all the time.  
I was sorry to hear about Rick's cousin's husband.  Such a young man.  His poor family must be bereft!
They will be in my prayers.
As for Betty's cat....bless it!  It must be so disorientated.  I hope it settles down again soon.
Sending you a gentle hug.
Jeanie xxx

candlejmr said...

I'm so sorry to hear you are still in so much pain.  I hope that subsides soon.  How sad about Rick's cousin....SO young, and with little ones at home.  I think it's very exciting to be picking out paint.  Seems like "a new beginning."  

Hope today is a beautiful day for you!


idlethoughts4me said...

Sorry to hear about your back pain.  I can sympathize.  I have knee pain that won't be going away any time soon.  Sorry to hear about Rick's cousin's husband!  His family will be in my prayers.   Poor little Ebony!  Little guy must think he's next to go!!

Take care -- hope you're feeling better soon!!


rdautumnsage said...

After dealing with them 3 in one year, I've come to despise MRI's. Sounds like things are finally underway and your son will soon be moving into your MIL's and the other home to you. Life is strange that way, at times it seems to through events in the air and see where they land. (Hugs) Indigo

coelha said...

I'm glad you MRI went well, sorry to hear about the cousin though.  I love that tag at the end...I snagged it!!  Take care - Julie

springangel235 said...

It is always fun redecorating...happy painting!!

xxroxymamaxx said...

I wish your back would get better!! ((((Julie)))) ~ that's a hug for you.  A gentle one.  I'm sorry to hear about Rick's cousin in law.  That's too bad and so young.  Prayers for the family. Love ya!! Shelly

jlocorriere05 said...

So sorry to hear Rick's cousins husband died, such a young age. Poor Ebony, cats don't like change do they? I love painting too but not the preparation! I'm hoping your back is easing now you've got the auction behind you. Jeannette xx  

cacklinrosie101 said...

Geez, that's a shame about Rick's cousin.  He was so young and with a young family.  I'm sure hoping your back settles down.  That must be so hard to work when you are in pain.  Chris