Monday, April 7, 2008

Yup, its a Monday


            It definitely feels like a Monday.  I'm not feeling well and it is just a funk day.  We got some terrible news about one of Ricks relative today.  He is only 37 and terminal with cancer.  So sad.  Also talked to the lawyer who is supposedly serving BIL his walking papers today or tomorrow.  After he gets the paper he has 3 days to leave or they help him.

          He will never believe it but I do feel sort of sorry for him.  Not a lot because he has been told for 4 months to move.  He has been here a year now and never made any attempt to get a job or look for a place to live.  How can you help someone like that.  All the relatives have turned him down also.  So can't help myself.  I just can't imagine being in his shoes.  He really has burned all his bridges.

       We didn't do much today.  I packed up some items I was selling for a woman and am going to take them over tomorrow unless this crud I am getting gets worse.  I am feeling worse as the day goes on so the virus is making itself cozy in my body and hunkering down for a stay.  I have a 3 hour meeting tomorrow so I am hoping this is as bad as it gets.  Zoey is going to the Vet on Wed.  I have put off my appointment until next payday.  We got socked with bills this pay periods.  I am upset my brand new 40 dollar clip on sunglasses already are broke so I have to return and Ricks are broke.

    Well, Rick made me chicken and noodles and its done.  I love it when I don't feel well.  Take care all.



jimsulliv3 said...

Sorry you've got the "crud". I haven't heard that term in a while, but when I was younger, everybody had the crud at one time or another. Feel better !


candlejmr said...

So sorry you are not feeling well.  Just what you need on top of your BIL and the sad news about Rick's relative.  Cancer is such a cruel, cruel disease.

I hope the chicken and noodles helped!  FEEL BETTER SOON!!


madcobug said...

I am sorry that you are sick Julie also sorry that cousin of Rick's has cancer. The BIL really needs to be somewhere in treatment for his drinking. I hope you feel better soon. Helen

carrotlife said...

Julie- i hope you feel better soon...and hope all goes well with Zoey. she is such a beautiful dog. i am also sorry about Rick's relative. cancer just sucks.

inquestoftruth said...

I sure hope you feel better soon, Julie.
You know...sometimes it's darkest right before dawn.   I have been praying for BIL, and it could be that he has to hit absolute bottom before he realizes he just can't continue the way he is.    

jckfrstross said...

feel better:)


linnpooh said...

Oh Julie, so sorry about the relative of Ricks......I'll keep him in my prayers. Wow, the BIL is getting the papers, huh? I will keep my fingers crossed that he just does what is right and leaves without trouble and a lot of drama that you all just don't need.
Sorry you don't feel good....hope the food helped. Isn't it funny how we want certain foods when we are sick? Mine is cream of wheat with butter in it. My Mom always made it when I was sick, and so it comforts me now as an adult I guess :)

Feel better soon.

Love & Pooh Hugs,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Yep, Julie, some people are just totally lost souls.  My ex is one.  You almost have to feel sorry for them.  Hope you feel better.  This crud just keeps circulating back and forth.  Chris