Thursday, April 10, 2008

Manual labor is hard on me.

   We worked all day at the house.  I got the fridge sparkling clean and worked on the stove.  Brought more things downstairs and tagged things for Dan to keep.  Cleaned out cub boards and cleaned the bathrooms.  Bent down to pick something up and threw my back out.  Fell to my knees and used un-lady like language.  Attempted to get up....couldn't, crawled to chair and thus ended work for the day.  So home to a ice pack and then a hot soak in the tub and biofreeze.

   I have had my back go out for no reason at all so at least I had a reason which I suppose is good.  Did get lots done today though.  BIL showed up and we got a phone number for him and gave him his messages.  He actually has a job interview.  I am really hoping he straightens himself out.  He has to be the one to do it.  He didn't stay long but we didn't fight.  So besides hurting like the dickens and feeling like a have a melon size swelling between my shoulder blades it was a good day.  Now to work on getting my back to settle down.  Also have to arrange a flight for my youngest.  He is flying out to help his brother move home.  His first time flying.  I will worry about that but he will be fine.   I am looking forward to seeing my oldest.

      Well, time to stop typing.  I can't sit here long.  I did get my books listed on ebay and a couple have bids already so hopefully it will go well.  I am practically giving them away.  Wish I had gotten mine so cheap.

   We are waiting on the test results for Zoey.  The lump was I swear gone when we were at the vets and huge today.  This is so weird.  But otherwise besides being told we have to get her down 9 pounds maybe this isn't going to be bad after all.  Maybe I was worried for nothing.  She has been acting really good lately.  Must be all the prayers.  Thank you everyone.


madcobug said...

Sounds like you got a lot done before your back conked out. Good for your BIL getting a job interview. I hope he gets it and can get himself straightened out. I also hope Zoey will be ok. Sending up prayers for all of you. Helen

radar446 said...

I'm sorry that your back is giving you problems.  Hopefully after a good night's sleep it will feel better.  So things are gradually changing for BIL, maybe he will decide to make the change and become a better person.  I'll keep sending good vibes to Zoey.


lanurseprn said...

Sorry to hear about your back. That is the worst! I hope you feel better soon!
Good luck to Zoey. Poor baby...she's been through so much. Hope BIL is serious about getting a job. Time will tell, huh?
Take it easy.

ukgal36 said...

sorry about your back...ouch!
Hope Zoey will be okay..

jimsulliv3 said...

Ouch ! Sorry about your back. Super Happy that Zoey's Ok.


cacklinrosie101 said...

Keeping your Zoey in my prayers.  BIL has a job interview?  I sure hope he changes.  It does nobody any good for him to remain the same.  That nice that your one son is helping the other.  Chris