Friday, April 18, 2008

Rain Rain go away, come week!


        It is raining for the 2nd day in a row.  It is suppose to stop by later today and I am hoping it is dry tomorrow.  I don't want mud tracked in all over the house.  We have to get the carpets cleaned but still.  Plus I want people to come.  It isn't suppose to be as warm as they said originally also.  Darn. Come on Mother Nature.  Be nice.

      I didn't win the cool marble.  Some meany outbid me in the last 7 seconds of the auction.  I was so sure I won it.  I did win this cool marble though.  It is very pretty.

       Today I have to get my clocks I am selling ready and over to the house.  I also want to bring the baby gate over as I don't want anyone going upstairs during the auction.  No reason for them  to be up there.  We should have everything downstairs by the time the sale starts.  We will be having a very early morning tomorrow.  I want to be up around 5:45 am and we have to be at the house by 7 am.  I plan on bring a big thing of coffee.  Then we drag everything outside.  The auctioneer people will do all that but I want to make sure my stuff is separated kind of.  Then we have to keep track of everything and make sure no one walks off with anything.  I don't want to put the jewelry or silver out until the last minute.  Or the old cars.  I will be extremely happy when the sale is done.  Wonder if my BIL will show up?

       Well, I have to get ready.  Have a great Friday all.


lanurseprn said...

That marble you won is beautiful! I really hope that after the auction you have nothing but good stories to tell. Watch out for thieves. I've had people swipe stuff in a yard sale....

coelha said...

I'm sure the auction will be just fine.  If you are like me, I stress over stuff, only to find out it was for nothing.  I hope it doesn't rain for your sake though..  Take care!  Hugs - Julie

madcobug said...

That is still a beautiful marble you won even though you lost the bid on the other one. I hope the rain quits and everything dries out a lot by tomorrow. I hope you don't injure your back moving all those things around. Good luck on the auction. Helen

radar446 said...

Sorry you missed out on the marble.  Your consolation prize looks very nice though.


linnpooh said...

Sorry you missed on one of the cool marbles you wanted, but the one you did get is so pretty!!! I'm praying for wonderful weather tomorrow, and you sound like everything else it ready to're going to have a great turn out with fabulous results :)

Pooh Hugs,