Wednesday, April 23, 2008


          We are having just beautiful weather today.   A bike ride would have been wonderful but I can see the end of a tunnel and refuse to take time off until it is done.

       We went looking for paint the other day.  My son has picked out some great colors.  I can't wait to start painting.  Today they came and cleaned the carpets.  Finally the smoke smell is gone and most of the stains came out of the carpet.  It looks great.  Smells great.
         I have been working along sorting things into piles.  Throw, goodwill, throw goodwill.  Slowly getting a handle on whats left.  Not a lot but still enough that it is going to take a few trips.  I also having been patching nail holes and plaster cracks. The walls are plaster, not sheet rock.  I have to remember this house is 100 years old.  But like alot of things built 100 years ago it was quality work.  No cheap plywood and particle boards on the floors.   I have seen what they build some of these 300,000.00 dollars homes out of.  It's just window dressing what they put on the surface.  A good wind could knock some of them down.  They won't last 100 years for sure.

       What is bad about this town is you get one lousy garbage container.  If you want more it costs.  I fill that one up in record time and then it is a week until it gets picked up again.  You used to be able to put bags at the curb.  Now you get this containers.  When they are full, your done.  The cost went up with new system also.  Why do they always charge you more for less service?

      Early in the morning my son and husband are leaving for Omaha so he can catch his flight.  It will be his first time flying.  We are both nervous.  They both my sons will be driving back.  They should be here Monday.  Again I will be nervous until they are safely here.  I keep reminding myself they are not boys, they are grown men.  But mothers, what can you say.  It will be just better when they are here.

        My oldest has been shedding lots of tears this week.  He is happy to be leaving PA but heartbroken about the kids.  I wish it could have worked out for him.  I wish there were closer.  wishes, like bubbles, float away in the wind.

       Work tomorrow.  I haven't hear anything about my MRI.  They are terrible about calling you.  I used to think no news was good news but it is not that way anymore.  Just poor care now a days.  Doctors have so many patients you just get lost in the shuffle.   Wish we could go back 40 years ago in our health care.  There is no fixing it now.  Doctors now a days wouldn't know how to do it.  Imagine knowing your patients.  Caring about them.  I sometimes wonder if my doctor would recognize me.

        Anyway.  Time to sit outside and relax.  I have a cold beer and warm sun waiting for me and Rick is grilling.  It was a busy day again today. And I still have to cut my son's hair.  Bye all.


inquestoftruth said...

Wow...what a week you are having!    The boys will be fine...but I know what you mean about mothers.

madcobug said...

That's great that you and your son found some paint that he liked. Sounds like the carpet people did a great job on cleaning the carpet. I know what you mean by the garbage container. We have the same thing here. I hope your son's will be safe and make it back safely. Mothers always worry about their children no matter what the age. Enjoy your grilled meal. Helen

carrotlife said...

Julie- i am so happy that things are finally coming together with the house. i wish your son many, many happy years there. so many memories...and new ones to be made for you all now :)

jimsulliv3 said...

You make me crazy sometimes. You work hard and injure your back. Now you are going to paint. Methinks you should be supervisor as you have the senority and more importantly, you're the Mom and Mom's rule !


lanurseprn said...

I'm glad the house is shaping up. Uh...$300K for a house?? Try $500K here! It's soooooo ridicules!! They say if you leave So CA you can't afford to come back. To be honest....if I left, I'd never WANT to come back!
Can't wait to see pics. That house did not look that old in the shots we did see.
Enjoy your dinner.

cacklinrosie101 said...

Finally the light at the end of the tunnel.  Must be a good feeling.  Your son will do fine on the plane trip.  I know what it's like to be nervous until they're both back safe and sound.  Health care is really pathetic these days.  Hope you get some good results.  Chris

jlocorriere05 said...

I remember when doctors used to make house calls, my old doctor used to stop by my house for a cup of tea sometimes on his way round to his patients. There's just too many people about nowadays and some doctors just don't want to get to know patients. I'm glad you're finally getting the house sorted, I know your son will be OK in his new home. I know what you mean by old places being more solid. Our brand new hospital looks good but it's falling apart in less than a year of moving in. Water often spurts from the ceilings flooding the place, handles fall off, switches break, the glass roof is broken, electronically operated doors don't open, the list is endless! Let's have quality workmanship back! Jeannette xx