Thursday, April 3, 2008

   Me, The Gramma Mackenzie, the granddaughter.  Do you see a resemblance?

           So today starts my week off.  It is going to be a busy week,but still I should have some R & R in there.  My last night wasn't bad so things are good.

          First of all my hubby got BIL to sign the papers.  He was being so weird and made us make copies to give him plus copies of the phone bill he has to pay.  Remember.... this is a man who squats in other people property.  He has all these egg crates full of papers.  Old medical records, court records, letters, everything he has gotten as a receipts, bills, mostly unpaid, divorce records x 3.  Like he is recording everything for when he writes his book.  He has about 6 of these milk crates.  All filed with little post-its all over them. Color coded. Its a sick thing with him.  Piled in corners around him... his entire life fitting in milk crates.  He sits there and goes through it all the time remembering past crimes against him and filing them in accordance to the damage they have done to him.  I am probably occupying an entire milk cartoon these days, LOL.  It is disturbing though.  Pathetic and disturbing.  When he showed up at my MIL's door those many months ago this is what he dragged with him.  This and some clothes.  His entire life in milk crates.

    This is also pretty typical of a sociopath.  They think their life if so important and they tendto do these weird filing things.  He fits the profile to a tee.  If I wasn't so closely effected this would be an interesting study.

    Anyway.  Getting closer to getting him gone and my son to his new home.  The lawyer still has not sent the eviction papers.   BIL must have found out they were coming as he is gone most of the time.  I wish the lawyer would get busy.  Why is he delaying.  Today the house was appraised and tomorrow the auctioneer comes.  13 days until the auction.  I still have so much to bring over.  Time to get really busy and get everything done.

   The weather here is rainy and wet.  Please please please let there be dry weather for the action.  Please!  No bike rides or anything this week.  I have too much to do anyway.  I am going to see the doctor next week.  I have to bring Zoey to the vet.  I am getting a cold.  I have a party to go to Saturday.  Meeting Tuesday.  Man we have way to many meetings.  Bubble bath.  And I feel the need for a perfect rose so Rick needs to buy me one.  That about covers it.  Oh...and clean clean clean.  I am still working on my clutter.  And I got a new marble.  Actually it is a paperweight that looks like a marble.  So cool.  I will show pics tomorrow.

    Thats about it.  Now I am off to iron and get ready to go out to eat.  I am not cooking.  I want a cold beer and a spicy meal.  Yummy.

    Oh, sad news.  The eagles have lost their eggs again.  No babies this year.  It is too late.  They are not sure what happened but the mother ended up eating the eggs.  Once they become non viable the mother will eat the eggs to replace the calcium she used to make them.  Darn.  I wanted baby eagles again this year.  Lets home next year is better.



madcobug said...

Yes, I see that you and your Grand-daughter look almost like the same child. Very cute. I hope the BIL soon moves on so you can get the house set up for the auction. Enjoy your week off every once in a while at least. I hope Zoey will be ok. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Gosh you were a cute kid...and yeah, I can see the resemblance to the cutie Mackenzie.  
BIL won't show up to cause probs on auction day, will he?   He's just hard to trust.   All his files of folks who "wronged" him.   Isn't that so sad?   Very sad, lost life.

coelha said...

WOW...  Your grand-daughter sure looks like YOU!  Two pretty little girls...  :)  Your BIL sounds like my friend's ex-husband.  I'm sorry--at least he signed the papers!!  I hope he leaves soon!  Take care - Julie

radar446 said...

Oh wow I can really see the resemblance in the pictures.  You guys could pass for sisters in these shots.  So glad that BIL signed the papers without too much hassle, I know that is a load off of your back, and one step closer to having him gone.


lanurseprn said...

You and your granddaughter really DO look alike! You were such a cute little girl. So is she! You have the same eyes, and mouth.
Weird about BIL and his crates. That's odd.  I'll be glad when he's gone, as I'm SURE you will be too!
Enjoy your dinner out tonight. I'm jealous...I had to cancel my dinner date...UGH!

jimsulliv3 said...

The pics are so much alike, it's uncanny.


linnpooh said...

Holy Cow & your Granddaughter look so much alike!!! That's such a cool are going to frame them together aren't you? They would look so awesome in a black frame.
So glad that the BIL is finally leaving, and I hope it's sooner than later so your son can move in without any drama! The milk crate thing is sad, especially because he is holding on to what he feels are past injustices......look how much of his life he has wasted, and those are days he can never get back. So sad, really.
I can't wait to see your new marble, & I hope you get your rose :)

Pooh Hugs,
P.S................Keeping my fingers crossed for you for dry weather.

erarein63 said...

OMG Julie, you and McKenzie could be twins!  Glad BIL signed the papers, hopefully he is accepted in of reality.  The milk cartons are indeed weird.  Sorry about the Eagles.  Looks like you have a ton of stuff to fit into your week "off".  De ;)

nhd106 said...

Incredible how much you look alike!  both adorable too!


kirkbyj05 said...

Your photos show that we do go on in our offspring.  You both have such an uncanny likeness.
Beautiful photos!
I'm glad you are off to the doctors and that Zoey is being  looked at too. You have a lot going on this next week or so.  I hope you are able to sort it all out as well as make yor way to work.  It sounds such a lot to do.  I'm not surprised you have a cold coming on.  Soon all this stress will be behind all of you.
Its sad to picture how your BIL's life has turned out.  Such a shame too that his life 's traces are carried around in milk crates.  
As for your 'Rose' I can't wait to see its photo.
Looking forward to seeing your new paperweight too.  I have one Caithness Glass piece which a friend brought me home from her holiday in Scotland.  It's purple like the heather.
Stay well...not much longer now for all of your worries about BIL and the house etc to dissipate.  Woooohooo!  We will have a party!!!
Jeanie xxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Wow, you can't deny that one.  She looks just like you.  Your BIL is a real mess.  It will be nice when this is over with and he slinks away.  Be careful.  Chris