Thursday, December 1, 2005

Still Not sure

  I still don't know for sure if I will be having surgery in 2 weeks.  The nurse called me today and still doesn't know for sure but is having me start pre-op things now.  No ibuprophen,  herbal tea, darvocet, etc.... I will be really hurting by the time I have this done.  I can still take tylenol.  Now she said I should know by Tue.  I hope so.   I started getting ill last night at work and feel worse since I woke up.  I ache all over and am running a fever.  I sure hope it is gone by the time I see the doctor because I don't want to be posponed if its a go.  I had chicken and noodle soup my husband made for supper and was drinking tea but now that is on hold.  I will have to research the Chai tea to see if any of the ingredients are blood thinners.  My husband has a great book on herbal medicines as he is really into it so it should be in there.  I just ordered some cold snap off the internet to help me prevent colds.

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