Saturday, December 24, 2005

Tis The Night Before Christmas


                                   Be merry all, be merry all,
                With holly dress the festive hall,
                         Prepare the song, the feast, the ball,
                 To welcome Merry Christmas.

    Well, tomorrow is the day.  Since Christmas is so quiet these days with the kids grown and the grandchildren gone it is pretty laid-backed here.  I am off work now until Wed. and very happy to be away from the temptations that I admit to partaking of last night.  Since with my plan nothing is banned forever or always, I will not beat myself up because I know that I will have cookies and candies occasionally off and on and it does not mean I have ruined my diet or fallen off the wagon.  I just don't do it often enough to get very concerned about it.  Truth be told, I don't find them as good as they used to be.  Are the cooks not as skilled or has my sweet tooth broken?  Doesn't matter though.  We are going to my MIL's tonight to play cards and relax.  The weather is warm and in the 40's.  I am going to concentrate on my water today and will do some Tai Chi before going over as the gym closed at noon.

   Tomorrows menu, Danish sausage, Ham, baked potato casserole lightened up, mixed vegetables, red cabbage and apple pie.  I will have 3 ounces of ham with horse radish, 1/4 c potatoes,  lots of vegetables and a small slice of pie.  Since we will be at my MIL's again most of the day I am bringing some apples and plan on having a slim fast for breakfast in the morning.  Monday I am going to cut down to 1200 calories for a couple of days and increase my water to help flush the heavier meals out of my system and them back to my regular eating again.  It is much easier these days to adjust my eating to accommodate different eating amounts.

    I am sitting here listening to my husband curse.  I have wrapped all the presents except his Mother's.  He is wrapping that and presumingly wrapped mine and it is not going well.  Where did we get this stupid paper he gripes, the Dollar store.  So far it has taken him 15 minutes on the one package.  The paper tears and he curses again.  Finally he finishes it and holds it up.  He looks at it and starts to laugh until tears comes to his eyes, this is the worse wrapping job I have ever seen.  Ahhh Christmas, such fun.

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