Saturday, December 10, 2005

Saturday Journal

   I have not been doing great lately.  We had peanut mix last night at work and I had some and the day before some candy which I also ate.  I would lose faster if I didn't touch those things.  It is so hard this time of year but not very long ago it would have been harder.  It used to be all the doctors would send gift trays to the floors, usually candy or cookies and sometimes fruit,  Popcorn, nuts.  They seem to have stopped doing that this year.  It's good but I was looking forward to the oranges and a little appreciation for our hard work would have been nice.  My son has been at his job for around 8 months.  He got a $500.00 bonus check.  I have been at my job almost 26 years and we won't get anything from our employer.

    I ended up going to the gym the other day after all and had a great workout.  I varied it alot and have the sore muscles to prove it.  Next month I am joining WW.  I need the accountability as I am slipping lately.  I think it is because my loss is so slow.  Even though I feel much better physically I really want to be much smaller.  I read the boards and people that weigh more then me are fitting into smaller clothes then me.  I am so pear shaped with my stomach.  It is discouraging.  I have come a long way and have no intention of giving up.  It has been 6 mouths now and I thought I would be at least 50 pounds lighter.  I am not trying hard enough.

  Meals for today.  Last night I had a bowl of split pea soup that I made the other day.  I had an apple, 2 rice cakes and later some low fat popcorn plus those darn nut mix.  When I got home I made a cup of oatmeal.  For supper Rick is grilling steaks and I will have a spinach salad.  I have been terrible at my water lately.  It is harder now that the weather is cold.  I have to fight this terrible urge to hibernate this time of year and to put on weight for insulation.  I just feel thicker these days.  Time for a measuring day to see if I have lost inches.  I haven't done that for awhile.   Sometimes I wish my husband needed to lose weight also as it would be easier if he were cooking light meals.  Last night wasn't bad as we had fajitas.  I also struggle all night at work with feeling likeI need to be eating all the time.  I make sure and bring stuff that is low cal so I don't grab something from the vending machine, but I am struggling .  I am bringing a bag of organic baby carrots tonight and I made up some oatmeal, froze it in cup size servings and have brought some of that to nuke at work.  It actually heats up pretty good if you heat it slow and then add your no fat milk.

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