Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Weird weight loss



   I lost a little more weight today making it 201.6.  Wow.  Really close now.    I was looking in the mirror at myself and it is so weird the way I am losing this weight.  I am getting stick arms and legs and am still round in the middle.  Reminds me of a picture my granddaughter would draw.  I have been really concentrating on my abdomen at the gym, doing a million crunches, but I see no improvement, well little improvement.  When I measure that is what has changed hardly at all.  It will probably be the last thing to go if it does.  How could I lose 40 pounds and still wear some of my old clothes.  Must be the elastic waist.  I will probably lose 5 pounds just by getting the reduction and that will help with clothes also.  I usually have to get larger just for my chest.  Thats another thing.  Other people lose their chest when they diet, why is mine staying the same?

   Enough with being depressed with body image.  Be gone bad thoughts! 

    Today no gym unless I get off my butt right away and run down there because we promised to help his mother get more Medisterpolse made so she can give some to relatives.  Then we are going to eat over there.  She has a way of getting you over there and making sure you stay for longer then you mean't to.  We were just going over there to make those and then do some other things like work out but she told us she is planning on us for supper.  Home made chicken noodle soup.  I don't mind spending time with her but it is my last day off until Saturday so I have some things to do.  Can't deny an 84 year old woman though.

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