Friday, December 2, 2005

More Snow




 They are predicting more snow today.  On top of the 5 inches we have.  What a drag.  It is hard to get anything done.  I am still sick today, I think it will be a cold but took some tylenol so I can go to rehab.  I am hoping I feel better this afternoon so I can go to the gym.  Maybe I could work off the illness.  I meditated last night and concentrated on increasing my white count to fight off the cold.  I thought of the white cells as an army and sent them into battle my cold virus.  We used to use this visualization technique on our cancer patients to have them fight their cancer.  I figured at this point I will try everything because I want to be healthy and ready in 2 weeks if I get surgery.  I am sorry I won't be able to try the Cold Snap to see if it cuts down the length of my cold.  I can not be sure since there are so many herbs in it that none of them are a blood thinner and I don't want anything like that.  I also am going to put up the Christmas tree this weekend.

   My husband made organic 7 grain hot cereal for breakfast.  I put some blueberries on it and it was wonderful.  I will have leftover turkey soup for lunch and haven't decided on supper yet.  Hard to think food when I feel so rough.  Maybe more soup for me and the men can eat whatever they want.

   Well, It's later in the day and I had a turkey wrap for lunch instead of the soup.  I took some tylenol and my temp broke so I plan on going to the gym shortly and doing my workout.  It will either kill me or the cold.  It's snowing again.

  It is now later in the day and everything I am doing must be working because I am feeling better.

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