Wednesday, December 7, 2005

No surgery in 2 weeks

   I did my water aerobics yesterday and the water was great.  One of the ladies told me I was getting darn right  skinney.  Now I am a long way from skinney but it felt good.  Today we are going to the gym and just doing the treadmill and weight circuit.  My husband and are were talking about all the benefits we feel since we started the weight circuit like better posture, easier getting around, strength,  we used to both get up in morning walking like old people until we got the kinks worked out.  It has taken like 10 years off of us.  Amazing.  I am so happy my husband is seeing the same benefits I was seeing because now it is easy to get him to go.  

 I got a call yesterday that they just couldn't get me scheduled this month.  Get me all excited and then it doesn't work out.  I was really hoping it would be this year because I have met my deductible.  It is probably to late to go to a different surgeon and start over.  Now I have to worry if my insurance will cover in after this month or if I have to try over.  I think there is a time limit from when your approved until when you have to have the surgery and Feb is cutting it pretty close.  In addition I don't know if they will let me go to the surgery center in the new fiscal year.  They don't always allow it.  sign.

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