Friday, December 30, 2005

Friday Goals.


  I am up early, 6 am.  I went to bed fairly early last night and read for awhile.  We watched Labyrinth last night which I haven't seen in a long time.  It is pretty good and I would have liked to watch it with my granddaughter.

  I am going to make some flax seed hot cereal for breakfast this morning.  I have some frozen blueberries to put on top and no fat milk.  I was going to do water aerobics this morning but instead think I will go to the gym and do the weight circuit again.  My suit bit the dust and the new one I have will look better after my surgery.  I won't be able to do water aerobics for awhile which will be bad but sometimes I think the chlorine bothers my lungs.  I feel conjested after 2 hours in the pool not to mention I reek of chlorine the rest of the day and all my drinks taste like chlorine.  I still wonder if that is good for you.  It really dries my skin out so I have to use lots of bath oil.

   Yesterday I really ate the old way.  Not enough veggies or fruit.  The only fruit I had was applesauce.  Since I only slept around 3 hours I didn't feel like going to alot of trouble for supper.  I am going to make up for that today and eat better.  I guess we are grilling steaks tonight, so I will have a sweet potato and I have some squash mix I froze that I will cook up.  I was short on water slightly yesterday in my goal for a gallon a day so I will make up for that today and have already started on my first 24 ounces.  What to have for lunch.  I have enough spinach for a salad left and might make that.  With most of the low fat foods I can't notice much difference in taste but I think low fat mayo is tasteless.  I used to love tuna occasionally but with this mayo it is flavorless.  I use dill and have tried bay seasoning but it still isn't very good.  Is it the tuna or the mayo?

    This was on aol's diet site and is great advice. 

  • Pay attention to your food, and savor every bite. Eat sitting down, but not in your car or while watching 'Survivor' reruns. It's a lot easier to mindlessly wolf down a large order of fries when you're not paying attention to your food.
  • Converse over your meal, and have fun. This, in turn, will slow you down, which is good, since it takes about 20 minutes for your stomach to tell your brain that you've eaten enough.
  • Cook more. Get to know what real food tastes like -- cooking from scratch doesn't have to be difficult. You'll find that spending time in the kitchen gives you a greater appreciation of what you're eating. Plus, your house will smell wonderful.

Every meal can't be a fine dining experience, but if you think more about what and how you're eating, you'll be more likely to eat less and enjoy it more.

--Jill Melton

   I especially like the last part.  Most of us who are overweight like food.  I love food and really love good food cooked right.  The best meals I have are some that my husband and I prepare together and I love to set my table with pretty dishes and bowls.  I like making the meal an event with the food taking center stage.  What I ate last night, although it tasted OK, didn't do credit to my wonderful table.  Rather then be obcessed with how much food you stuff down I want to be obcessed with the way to food looks and tastes and how good it is for me.  I love trying a new light recipe and having it taste wonderful and I get a thrill knowing it is good for me also.  So most of the time that is my goal.  There will always be days though will quick and easy will win out but less and less often.  That is why I like Light and Tasty.  Most of the recipes are fast but taste like you spent alot of time on them.

   All of my rings are hanging off of me.  I have gotten some of my old ones out that didn't fit and they do now but I am going to have to have my wedding set made smaller.  I want to hold off as long as possible so I only have to do it once so I may have to do without for awhile.  I will get my old gold band out.  I am not much for diamonds anyway as I prefer something more dramatic.  Fire Opals, rubies, etc...  I guess I will clean up the ones that I can't wear and list them in my shop.  Might as well get some money for them. 

    I have to spend next week listing items to put in the shop so I can send some to ebay during my time off.  I will need to suppliment my income as money will be tight while I recuperate.  I want to take as much time as I need instead of going back to work early because I am broke. 12 days to go.  I see the Doctor next week to sign my permit and go over details.  I can't look in the mirror now without wondering how it will look and with my back burning and hurting so bad right now I am hoping it will give me some relief.

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