Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Surgery Scheduled



  I am now scheduled to have surgery on the 11th at 9 am.  Now I am nervous.  I am 2nd guessing myself now because I have been free of any flare ups and being pain free I am not anxious to start having any pain.  However, I realize this is just a temporary thing and my back is going to flare up again so I will have it done.  I hope it comes out OK.

   Water aerobics is today and then I have to get my hair trimmed.  Then I have to go to the mall and buy a gift certificate for my son.  Christmas is just a few short days away.  I am going to really have to pinch my pennies because my income is going to be severely reduced while I am off.  I should have more saved up.   My son will help with the heat bills though.

   I put my charm on yesterday and it looks wonderful.  I was going to wait until weigh in day but I stayed the same weight for 2 days and decided to go for it.

  For breakfast today it will be the usual slim fast because I am doing the water aerobics.  I will have ramen noodles without the broth for lunch.  I sprinkle garlic pasta on it and grated parmesan to make a cheap garlic pasta with very few calories.  It sticks with you also.  With that I will have a V8 and some applesauce.   I am still debating supper.  I had the munchies last night after supper really bad.  Thank goodness I don't have anything around to munch on except apples or fruit cups.  I did have a couple of rice cakes which helped.  I am way down on my water again so that may be why the munchies.  I have to watch it.

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