Monday, December 26, 2005

Back to work


Well I indulged yesterday as planned and am back to my routine today.  I started out with a cup of oatmeal.  I was going to have a slim fast but I am out.  Lunch will be a salad with some ham pieces in it and for supper I will have some soup and another salad.  So far I have already had 28 ounces of water and plan on drinking a gallon today and tomorrow.  Water will help flush the extra salt out of my system.  I will cut down for a couple of days to get the extra foods I ate out of my system and I plan on working out at the gym for a couple of hours today.  We are going at 1. 

   We had a nice relaxing day yesterday.  So different then the old days with all the family around.  I made a ham and we had the danish sausage, a potatoe casserole, mixed beans, homemade bread my husband made and apple pie.  All was so yummy.  I have lots of ham left so I have been looking for some recipe to make.  I will be making bean and ham soup.  I have never liked it but will give it a try again and I found a good recipe at the light and tasty website.   I feel like my weight is up alittle, but it could be fluid because of the ham.  I am not going to weight until the 28th which is the start of our Winter Challenge.  I am thinking of only doing 15 pounds this time.   I would like to make my challenge at least once and the weight is coming off pretty slow.

  I am off to Fashion Bug right now as they are having a 60% off sale and maybe I will find something to wear that fits and isn't all baggy.  I might look at sweaters also.

   Went to the gym alone since my husband was MIA and I didn't want to miss today.  Had a pretty good workout.  I did the treadmill for 20 minutes and then the weight circuits plus some free weights.  I just started adding the free weights last week and am already increasing my weights.  I have been watching the other people to see what they do with them. Gives me some pretty sore muscles.

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