Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Surgery in 2 weeks!

    I got a call from my doctor's office yesterday and they may be able to move me ahead due to cancelations.  She was talking and asked me if I could be ready by the 14th.  The 14 of Feb I asked?  No silly the 14th of Dec.  Wow.  That is just 2 weeks away.  It is not for sure yet.  I find out Thursday but now I am so nervous.  She told me to make sure I have all my Christmas shopping done and presents wrapped.  All my baking done and house decorated.  I still have shopping to do and will have to kick it into high gear.  Plus I will have to do all the pre-op stuff.  My boss looked as shocked as me when I told her.  I was hoping to be 20 pounds lighter by the time I had the surgery.  They do not want you dieting but I think my plan is OK because I don't think of it as a diet.  Oh I am sooooooo nervous and excited.  I hope it doesn't fall through. 

   One more day at work and then off for 7 days.  I am going to workout as much as possible since I won't be able to workout for 6 weeks.  I am going to finish my shopping and get my tree up.  I am going to lose 4 pounds in 2 weeks and the surgery alone will probably help me lose another 5 pounds.  I will be able to get my next charm.  I don't think it is cheating having surgery.

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