Monday, December 19, 2005


Develop a meditation that is like water. Doing this, you will find that the thoughts and impressions that possess you will flow away. Just as people wash away their body liquids, their sweat and spittle, pus and blood, and yet the water is not troubled or disgusted--so this water meditation will bring you peace.

-Majjhima Nikaya



   I bought dried beans at the store last night and plan on making some bean soups in the next week.  Found a site that has some great light recipes and sound wonderful.  I have a million things to do today and want to work out at the gym also.  Tomorrow I get my hair trimmed and have water aerobics then want to do some more housework.  It is looking good and I got some great Jim Shore Ornaments for the tree.

  I think I will have oatmeal for breakfast and some leftover soup for lunch.  I got some applesauce with cinnamon which tastes wonderful warmed.    I now am working on getting 3 pounds off by New Years.  I can do it. 

   I haven't meditated yet today, so will get my room ready and get into the mood.  I have some great scent oil I will put on my lamp so the mood is right.


  We went to the gym and had a good workout but both of us don't feel like it was as good a work out as the day before.  Time to increase the reps or weights.

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