Thursday, December 29, 2005

Eye Candy


  It is getting easier and easier to get my husband to the gym now that he has seen all the eye candy there, LOL.  He says he is just checking out how they use the equipment to see if he is doing it right, yah right.  Anyway we had a pretty good workout today.  I cut out some that I thought might get my back screaming but I did 90 ab crunches today at number 5 setting!  I am determined to make some kind of dent in this horrible tummy.  I have been using the free weights and working hard on my wings under my arms and am happy to report they are so much better.  All this skin is tightening up so well.  I think because I am losing it slow and exercising the entire time plus lots of water helps.  I will never have a hard body like the young girls at the gym but this mature woman is getting pumped up! 

    I have been practicing controlled movement at home, yoga like and also like Tai Chi.  I lift one leg up as slow as I can and as high as I can and then hold it and slowly rotate it to the back and down.  On my stretches I can now sit with my legs apart and put my elbows flat on the floor.  Pretty good for someone who's back is made up of screws and plates.  I love the control I am getting.

  Food wise today.  Last night at work I had a lasagna, fruit cup, 2 rice cakes.  Before the gym I had a slim fast and for supper I am having a cheddar wurst plain and curly fries bakes with a pile of veggies for me.  I am also sipping on a beer which tastes wonderful but won't help me with my challenge.

  The 100+ board started a new challenge on the 28th and I committed to losing another 15 pounds in 3 months.  I am also participating in the exercise challenge this time and have committed to 4320 minute of exercise.  I will probably pass that but if I make this challenge it will be the first time I have lost the weight I committed to.  I lose so slow at my age.  Yes I realize I would lose faster without the beer but life is to short to drink bad beer!  I am going to keep track of my minutes here.  So for minutes since I did about 80 it will be   80/4320.  I have a way to go.

   I made bean soup yesterday which I always hated and thought it was great.  I also made some broccoli soup and froze it.  My tastes are changing.  I like healthier foods these day.  I also had a great corn bread with it.  I ate 1 cup of soup and 1 piece of cornbread, really filled me up.  I finished it up with applesauce.

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bljon1965 said...

Nice report!  You are doing great and are an inspiration.

I think because I am losing it slow and exercising the entire time plus lots of water helps.

The line above made me reach for the water bottle and take a big long drink! lol  Keep up the awesome work!  Lisa