Friday, December 30, 2005

Still Friday

   I was reading a post on the 100+ board about being afraid they are a slow loser.  I think this was always one of my problems.  I wanted this terrible burden of weight to be gone overnight.  When I was young I fell for all those lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks without dieting or exercising, lose weight while you sleep, fat-burning pills work so you don't have to, and all the other schemes out there that prey on peoples wish to look better and get thin.  If I had all the money back I wasted over the years I could go to Hawaii to visit my sister.  One nice thing about getting older is sometimes you get wiser.  It maybe took me  awhile, but I know now that I have always had the power to do this without any outside help.  I don't count the 100+ board as outside help, everyone needs support, but no gimmicks, no pills, no fad diets.  Yes the weight is going off slowly and no I won't be thin by next week, next month, and maybe even 4 months, but I will be weighing less and I will be healthier.  If only I could have realized this before I got into this shape.  I hope any young people reading this start today and not wait as long as I did.

  Anyway I wanted to put this down before I got off on something else.  I just got back from the gym so I can increase my minutes.  I did 90 minutes give or take a minute which gives me a total of 170/4320.

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