Saturday, November 5, 2005

Easing up

   I didn't take the pain pill today.  I hate the feeling it gives me.  I don't understand how someone could get addicted to feeling that way all the time.  No motivation, no strength to do anything, sleep all day.  However, my back feels better today so it might have done something.  The motrin is an anti-inflamatory to reduce swelling and the pain medicine was to keep me from being so tense I wouldn't let my back muscles relax.  She would probably kill me if she found out but I think I will try a bike ride today.  That isn't to hard and I need to do something. 

   I just started reading Strong Women stay Slim.  I read Strong Women Stay Young and they are both excellent books.  I might have to buy at least one of them.  Most of the subjects I already knew through the research I have been doing on my journey but they cover it all so nicely but the workout is drawn right out for you.  I told my son I want ankle weights for Christmas that go up to 20 pounds.  I overheard him talking to a friend on the phone and he was telling the friend how much his mom and dad were working out and how good I was doing and looking.  I could hear the pride in his voice and it made me proud.  Ultimately to do this journey for yourselve and your health but your family benefits from it immensely.  My husband told be I was getting some pretty irresistable curves.  :-)  blush blush.

   We are making another meal out of my new cookbook.  Southwest Beef and linguine toss.  I am always dissappointed in southwest because I want it to taste the same as it does in New Mexico and Utah etc.... and it always falls short.  I hope this taste like tex mex.  I am having a spinach salad with manderin orange slices and walnuts on the side and my favorite dressing.  I have a pasta maker and was thinking of making the linguine but just sitting here typing this short entry my back is hurting.  I can't wait until my massage on Monday.

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