Monday, November 21, 2005

Monday Morning

   I am getting ready for the gym.  I really feel the need to workout today after my lazy weekend.  I had so much shopping and things to do I didn't get to the gym on Sat and they are closed on sunday.  I spent Sunday at an auction checking out some pottery, nothing good, and then slugged out.  I need to move, move, move.  I got some tea on hand so I will try that.  I really slipped this weekend.  What would cause that after being so gung ho for so long.  Complacency?  I haven't weighed and won't until Wed.  I don't need to step on the scale to know I gained.  I can tell.  I have 3 days to get back to where I was and if I can do that I won't care if I am not down.  I wonder if the pain medication was to blame.  Weakened my resolve.  I am glad I don't take them very often.  My hands are feeling better and I have rehab at 1 today.  The pain in my hands is worse in the morning of course.

   I had shredded wheat and bran with blueberries for breakfast.  I was up early enough I decided to eat a cereal instead of my slim fast.  I don't like a lot of food in my stomach when I am working out.  For lunch I have some chicken left over from the blackened chicken the other day.  That was a great recipe and my family really liked that one.  Really fast and easy to make also.  I love recipes like that.  The cookbook I bought has great recipes and most of them are 20 to 30 minute meals.  I haven't decide on supper yet.  I think a low fat meatloaf sounds good but I also like the sound of split pea soup.  Very filling but if I am going to make that I had better get started.  I will leave it up to my husband.

   I have been doing the yoga moves at home and find it is easier and easier to do some of the moves.  I am getting more stretched out.

  Well, my husband is finally ready so its off to the gym.

  We had a wonderful time at the gym.  I met a sweet girl from Puerto Rico today who was so cute and funny.  She lived in a small island and when whe came here to college she started eating hamburgers and hot dogs and french fries.  She gained 50 pounds and got severe acne.  She has lost 37 pounds and is back to eating like they do on the island.  Pasta, rice and vegetables and is looking good.

  I found out today that I have been approved for surgery.  So excited.  Small breasts and maybe less back pain.  I can't believe I won't be a triple d anymore.

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