Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Up a pound

  Well, no surprise.  I am  up a pound.  Combined with cheating this weekend and lack of exercise.  Looks like I will be laid up again today.  My back is not as severe but it I move much I get more pain then I care to mess with.  I am having a real pity party this morning I tell you.   So my plan.  First make a doctors appointment, not that I expect they will have a miracle for me.  Next a long meditation session to really work at relaxation.   I am wondering.  I have 2 discs that were bulging in between my shoulder blades.  Did they blow?  That could account for the severe pain.  However I don't seem to have any neuro deficits which I always got when my other discs blew.  I am not sure what kind I would have if they had blown.  My back has been so good lately I almost had forgotten it was a problem. 

  I am having special k for breakfast, a salad for lunch, an apple and turkey burger for supper with wild rice and green beans.

    Well it is later in the day.  I took my Motrin, did my meditation and decided to go to the gym after all, just take it easy.  I did 2 hours with 1 1/2 hours at the weight circuit.  Some of the the things were hard to do because of my wrist and some where hard because I was pampering my back but it sure felt good to work out again.  I have managed to increase if not my weights on all the machines at least my reps.  I am doing well.  I am having computer problems again.  I might be infected with an adware


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