Thursday, November 3, 2005

Blew it


I went to work last night since I was feeling better and the first patient I turned, wham back came the pain with a vengance.  Took my breath away.  I ended up going home again at 11:30.  I simply can not afford this.  I have an appointment at 2 but expect little help.  She just keeps telling me with my arthritis there is not much they can do.  I will have her look at my wrist also.  I can't believe there isn't something they can do.  I have to be able to work.  If  I can continue to work out I know that will help more in the long run then anything, but I expect she will tell me to lay off for awhile.

   Today is our anniversary,  32 years.  We are to broke at this time to do anything but payday is tomorrow and we will probably go out to eat.  It is hard to believe that much time is gone.                

  The scale was back down today again.  Good.  I was hoping that pound wouldn't hang around long.  Now to lose that last 7 pounds and get to and better yet under 200.  It won't be long now.

   Here is a great article about the use of green tea as a diet aide.  Although I think green tea is good it really isn't that helpful for dieting and like any caffiene drink some people should avoid it.


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