Saturday, November 12, 2005

The Diet goes on.

   I have been reading more and more on the GI diet.  It makes sense and I will follow some of the recommendations.  In Jan I will join WW because my insurance will cover it.  I don't think we have a actual south beach diet place here in town.  I am not very happy with how slow my weight loss has been but I think it is harder to lose it when your older.  I have got to get into some consistant exercise program for the days I work.  I hate working out to tapes on tv and I don't think I can give up sleep and run to the gym to workout.  I would like to get the ankle weights and other weights recommended in Slim Women Stay Young and I wouldn't mind doing those reps at home.  I think I will go to play it again Sports and see what they have.  I am also thinking of starting a support group.  I could advertise at work on the bulleton board that I am looking for weight loss partners.  They have to be able to join the gym and dedicated to losing also.  It would be great to get a group together to exercise with at the gym and support each other.  We could get together for potlucks once a month each featuring a healthy part of the meal.  I think it would be fun.  I think I have alot to offer a group like this.  My husband doesn't go often enough for me.  I am still just playing with the idea.  I will see.

  We are having chicken fajitas tonight.  I love them and they are lower in calories.  The black beans get pretty fattening but I think they are good for you.  I have been taking the stairs at work but my knees are starting to really act up so I think I will only go up them for awhile.  It hurts to go down.  Tuesday I have rehab on my hands.  The wrist is now 85% improved.  Maybe I won't need surgery after all. 

   I am craving a huge pile of steamed brocolli.  I think I will have them for supper tomorrow.  Tonight for my meal at work I will either have left over fajitas or a lean cruisine meal and my mango.  I wonder if I should try eating a breakfast at work?  I could make some oatmeal and nuke it.  Sounds dreadful actually.   I am going to make myself a large salad for sure as I am craving greens.

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