Thursday, November 10, 2005


Don't forget to bring the good experiences of meditation into your daily activities. Instead of acting and reacting impulsively and following your thoughts and feelings here and there, watch your mind carefully, be aware, and try to deal skillfully with problems as they arise. If you can do this each day, your meditation will have been successful.

-Kathleen McDonald, "How to Meditate"

   I have water aerobics today.  In between classes I have been swimming some laps.  I am getting better at it.  Last night we had vegetable lasagna for supper and a spinach salad.  I love the taste of fresh raw spinach and I love it cooked in dishes.  Why is it so nasty when it is cooked alone, or is it?  I have only had it out of cans before.  I should try steaming it.  I have had in on top of pizza before and it is really good that way also.

   The wrist is still sore but 60% better then it was and my back is feeling great.  I am supposed to have rehab on my other hand and haven't made the appointment yet.  It is such a drag to drive all the way there.  I should go to a few and get the printed exercises so I can do them at home.

   I had mini shredded wheat and bran with no fat milk this morning.  Dole has a new peaches parfait which is good and lower fat.  I had it as a dessert last night and it was pretty tasty.  For lunch I will probably have a salad and apple and for supper I am planning on chicken stir fry.

  I can't wait to get in the hot tub as it is freezing here this morning.  Tonight is the beginning of my long stretch.  Bummer but I sure need the money. 

 Swimming was wonderful and I got a great workout.  I had a all grain low fat peanut butter and low fat red raspberry sandwich for lunch and a apple.  I have been reading the low GI diet and getting some idea's.  Most of the stuff in the book I have been doing already.  Nice to know.  Instead of the chicken stir fry Rick made some great steaks on the grill and we marinated some squash, peppers, mushrooms and onions and made kabobs,  Yummy.  I had a small piece of bread with the low sugar jam which the book says is better then any margarine or butter.  Getting ready for work and my long stretch.  I will take the stairs as much as possible.  It is easy going up but down hurts the knees.  I hope it isn't crazy there.

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