Monday, November 7, 2005

Massages are wonderful

  I had a massage this morning.  What I feared happened, I had to be naked from the waist on up, but it wasn't as embarrassing as I feared and you stay covered with a sheet.  I feel wonderful.  He worked on my hand and they feel better and my middle back feels so much more relaxed.  He said I have alot of hard deposits in my back that he worked on also and the knots that the doctor felt.  It was so relaxing.  He said this will be the worst massage you get, every one from now on will get better and he suggested 3 this week and then one every 2 to 3 weeks to maintain.  I wonder if my insurance will cover any of it.  I am going to ask for gift certificates for massages from him for Christmas.  Anyway, I really feel good and less stiff then I have in days and made an appointment for a hour one next wednesday.  I never could see anyone getting a massage for a hour but now I can.  I sure didn't want him to stop.  It is only 15 more for an hour or $35.00 which is really cheap in this town.  Pretty good price for him though, 35 an hour.  More then I make which is 28.  With my hands I could never do it though.

   Yesterday we went on our bike ride.  It was great.  The temp was only in the 50's but we warmed up pretty fast.  I really pushed it yesterday and I wanted to make sure it was a good cardio workout.  At one time I was going 17.9 mph which is pretty good on a bike.  It felt great and we went 11 miles.  It actually feels great to push myself these days.  I wasn't content to just putter along, I wanted it to be a workout.  Today I will go workout.  I was going to go after the massage but decided to wait until this afternoon so I could enjoy the way I feel for awhile longer.

  I had a slim fast for breakfast and will either have a salad or left over stir fry for lunch and a pear.  I haven't decided on supper yet.  We ended up eating out last night so didn't have steak after all and might do that today.  I went on ebay and bought the book Strong Women Stay Slim for 4.05 which enclude shipping!  Pretty good.  I don't care that it is lightly used.  Much cheaper then the store.  I wish we could weigh in today.  I am down 2 more pounds.  I can't get my siggy to change on the 100+ board which isirritating.

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