Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cold, Cold, Cold


   We didn't get as much snow as they thought but it is cold out.  It didn't help that it rained first because under the snow is ice.    I love the way it looks with snow on the ground but I hate having to put on all my bulky clothes.  I gain 10 pounds just dressing to go outside.  Thermal underware.  Wool socks, heavy boots, wristies, gloves, undershirt and overshirt, winter jacket, scarf and hat.   When I am ready for the below zero weather I feel as heavy as I was 38 pounds ago.

   I am down a pound which pleases me because I was sure I would gain with the holiday.  I think all the exercise I do these days has increased my metabolism so I am burning more calories.  Nice.  I did my water aerobics today but missed my rehab appointment.  I thought it was at 2:30.

   Breakfast was shredded wheat again with blueberries on it.  For lunch I had leftovers.  Turkey in gravey on dressing, about a cup total.  Very salty.  For supper I am making turkey and noodle soup.  It  is in the crock pot cooking right now.  Rick has been doing the cooking when I work and makes no attempt to make it light.  I have the freezer and fridge full of light things to cook but he wants the things he always likes when it is cold.  I should just start cooking for myself.

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