Sunday, November 20, 2005

Winter hunger

   I don't know if it is phycological or not but cold weather always causes me to gain weight.  I don't seem to be able to help it.  I am hungry!  The foods I eat all summer that are fine no longer appease me.  It is not just me.  My husband and kids and most of my friends at work do the same things.  I think it is because you get much less active.  You get stuck in doors and crave warm foods.  I am hoping the gym will help.  Unfortunately I have been extremely busy the last few days and haven't gotten to work out.  I am definately going to go to the gym early and do about 2 hours or more tomorrow.  I have rehab in the afternoon.  I am fighting this hunger all day.  Losing to it.  I have not come this far to blow it now.  I have to get motivated again.  My husband doesn't work out often enough for me so I am going to put an advertisement in at work and see if I can get a workout partner.  Someone who will make me go when I don't want to and visa versa.  The sun goes down at 5:30 and I feel ready for bed by 8.  If I don't stay active the weight will come off even slower. 

  For breakfast I had mini wheat shredded wheat with blueberries.  For a snack I blew it and had an oatmeal cookie with raisens.  I bought some beautiful apples but didn't eat that.  I am going to make some stew in the crock pot tonight.  I have to really concentrate on my goals.  It is not going easy for some reason this week.  I think some of it may by because I am on more pain meds because my arthritis is so bad since the weather got cold.  Please don't screw this up Julie.

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