Saturday, September 22, 2007

We're back


     Well it's over and hopefully was a complete success.  We will have to see of course and they say the A-Fib can get worse instead of better for awhile but so far none.  He was in surgery around 6 hours.  I read a book cover to cover thats how long he was in.  Thank goodness I had a good , although depressing book, to distract me.  All the other families came and went all day and there I sat.  Since Rick had a general he slept though the entire thing which is a good thing.

    They found 4 to 6 area's they corrected and said he has some extra vessels which may have accounted for his A-fib.  He looked so shocked and in pain when he got out.  There is just no way to really prepare you for your first surgery.  But he did well and unlike me woke up with a huge appetite which we had trouble satisfying.  He was so hungry.

    Our motel room turned out to be a suite and was very nice.  It had a microwave and refrigerator so I got some meals and ate there.

     The bed were really short, maybe around 6 feet, but they had this headboard that made them shorter.  Rick is 6'2 so he was pretty squished up.  They had this wonderful lighting that you could make a soft blue if you wanted and the door shut between the living room area and the bedroom in case you couldn't sleep and wanted to read.  Then after his surgery he had this really nice private room.

     The hotel had internet and a workout room but I spent most of the day with Rick in his room after he came back.  I just wanted to make sure myself he had no bleeding from the puncture sites.  He had a line in his neck and both groins.  He now looks like Zoey as they shaved parts of his back, his chest and his groin.  The nurses were very good and so young.  I tried not to do the nurse relative thing,  although I did do his walk.  She was so tiny if he passed out he would have squashed her and he was pretty unsteady when he got up.

     I hate driving in a bigger city but managed to get us home without an accident.  Zoey was so happy to see us.  Turns out she has staph in the rash so she is back on antibiotics.  Now where did she pick that up from?  And chicken that I am I didn't ask about the biopsy and they didn't offer to tell me.  I will call them on Monday.

     Now for the next 3 days I have to give Rick a shot in his love handles, LOL.  He will be on aspirin, lovenox, and coumadin which are all to keep him from getting any clots.  Seems like overkill.  Hope he doesn't cut himself as he will bleed out pretty quick.  The shots are only for 3 days but I am surprised he is doing the aspirin and coumadin together.  Oh well the doctor hopefully knows best.

   MIL looked pretty shaky when we got home.  Thinner and grayer and her stomach is larger.  BIL was sleeping, or passed out on the porch.  I am glad we are back in town.

    So one thing down that has been causing stress.  Hopefully Monday will get good news on Zoey.  They to take care of MIL and get Rick feeling better.  He ended up with some swelling at the puncture site on both side so is pretty sore.  Thanks to all for you well wishes.  It really helped.

     Tomorrow is the first day of Fall so Happy Fall all.



kirkbyj05 said...

That's a relief Julie....I know he is in good hands now, and so does he, now that he is back home.  Everybody feels miles better when they get back home to familiar surroundings.  
Sorry to hear that Betty was not too bright when you got home.  I hope she picks up a wee bit better now that you are back with her.
Well!  How did Zoey get that staphylococcus infection?   Sounds like something hasn't been swabbed down very well.  Poor angel!
Praying for a symptom free recovery for your man and  a comortable nights sleep for both of you in your own bed.
I will watch out for up-dates tomorrow or the next day.
Take care!.  <sighing with relief!>

Jeanie xxxxxx

madcobug said...

I am so glad that he came through the surgery fine. I hope it will be good news for poor Zoey. Hope you MIL improves now that you two are back. Helen

jckfrstross said...

so glad you both are back and rick did great:) praying for a quick recovery


maryajacobs5 said...

Glad all has gone well.  Heart surgery is more strain for the person waiting that the one having it, at least that has been my experience these last few weeks. Take care of each other


lanurseprn said...

WHEW I'm soooooo glad things went well for him. What a relief for both of you! I hope they got all of the problematic areas of the heart. Wishing you both a restful night and a good weekend.
Hugs to you both!
Pam xoxox

nightmaremom said...

glad it's over and all went well... still sending good thoughts your way

rbrown6172 said...

glad you are home and things went well.  does seem like a lot of anticoagulants...but for 3 days post sx for a fib....i'm sure the docs know what they are doing.  good luck on zoey's report.

springangel235 said...

So happy to read all went well....
Sounds like a great hospital...and where you stayed after too at the motel.
Yes, Fall is here!!!  My prayers go out to Zoey too...hope all turns out okay...hugs and love,

inquestoftruth said...

I'm so glad that's over for you and Rick, and I'm sure Zoey will be fine, too.   What a rough few months you guys have had....  (((((Julie)))))

coelha said...

I'm so happy for you and hubby--I'm glad his surgery went well, and the waiting is over!  Happy Fall!  :)  Julie

radar446 said...

Finally, a medical reason for having love handles....I can wear mine proudly now!


cacklinrosie101 said...

I'm glad the procedure is over with.  Rick is lucky to have a nurse for a wife.  You take such good care of him.  I'm praying like crazy for Zoey.  Sheesh, did she pick up a staph infection at the vets?  Chris