Sunday, September 2, 2007

Rainy days

         At this time last year I was busy planning my long bike trip.  It is hard to believe the summer is almost over and fall is just around the corner.  Now for picture taking nothing beats fall so that will be nice.   Trying to find good shots this hot humid summer have been very difficult.  I also love hiking in the fall.

       The smell in the wood is spicy and I love the crunching leaves under my feet or tires.  I think fall is my favorite time of year.

      After our campfire last night I took a nice long soaking tub bath.  It felt great as my muscles were cramping some from the bike riding.  My husband thinks I am weird, but I always shower after a tub bath.  I love to soak, but then want to really clean off.  And I hate the smell of campfire on my clothes and body.  It really lingers. 

    We had a neighbor with a wood stove in her house.  She would come over for coffee and just reek.  I don't think she realized it because she was in the house most of the time, but she could really empty a room when she used the cheap damp wood from the behind the house.  I always think of that after a campfire and make sure and scrub.

    Well, today it is raining but that is fine.  We are going to MIL's and having a danish meal tonight.  We are bringing some danish sausage ( Medisterpolse) we made up awhile back and are going to make danish round pancakes (
Aebleskivers).  Now if that can't get my MIL to eat a little nothing can, LOL.  We put applesauce in the pancakes and then jelly on top or syrup.  It is a group cook as the one who ate first cooks for the next one in line.  MIL will be excused from cooking this time.

    Then I am going to finish my book.  I am reading John Steinbeck's Travels with Charley again.  I read it years ago and just ran across it again. 

     I have a bad habit of reading a few books at a time.  That way I have a book  for whatever mood hits me and I am also reading The Birthday Party: A Memoir of Survival by Stanley Alpert.  Both are good books with the last being a good read before bedtime as it isn't too taxing on the brain.  He has a  blog where people who were victims of crimes can post what they did to survive.  What helped and what hurt their situation.  Interesting  read at times and I find myself interested in it because of the history I had as a teen when I was kidnapped.  Mine had a luckier outcome then some.

    Well, this isn't getting my chores done and I have to get ready to go to my MIL's.  She is doing pretty good this week.  Mornings are still bad as far as it wears her out to eat breakfast and get dressed.  The rest of the day is better.  Take care all.  Have a good holiday.



madcobug said...

I always loved a campfire but like you I din't like the smell of smoke on my clothers or skin, hair included. Men don't notice those things. Makes for one side of the bed to have a smoky smell. Glad that your MIL is have a few better days. Helen

jckfrstross said...

i have always loved the smell of campfire:) as kids we would go camping for 2 weeks with the folks no showers but i got a book roughing it easy and we made a shower but no one would use it but we did wash up and i got to wash my hair. enjoy your dinner


jlocorriere05 said...

Well done on the not smoking for three years, I've known others who said after that time they still want a cigarette sometimes. Enjoy your dinner, it sounds great! Jeannette xx  

rbrown6172 said...

love your pix...i like fall too, and can't wait to get some new pix.  glad your mil is doing a little better right now.  hope you had a good labor day.

radar446 said...

You are right about fall....everything about it is wonderful from the sights to the smells.  I'm just hoping that this fall will be a good one.  I'm afraid that the lack of rain here will seriously stunt the season.