Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Fall is coming

     And supper is right in the back yard.  Not that I would ever have the courage to actually kill one.  Much rather shoot them with a camera.  Less messy also, LOL.

    Not much going on.  Rick had A-fib again today and just felt awful.   My back is out and I just feel awful.  I have hit the wall emotionally also and just feel wiped out.

     The stress at work is so different then having stress at home.  Its not really even stress at work. its just keeping on top of things and making sure everything gets done, making sure your patients are fine, that kind of things.  Being charge is a bother at times because you have so many different things to keep an eye on besides just your patients.  But family problems are a new thing for us.  Worry about Zoey,  MIL and even worry about BIL keep invading my thoughts and ruining my sleep.  I think it makes it worse knowing there is nothing I can do to prevent the upcoming events.  I can't cure my MIL, I can't cure Zoey, I can't help my BIL.  I can only sit an watch it all unfold helpless to change the course of whats to come. 

   I must admit to liking some organization in my life.  Know what to expect and what we will do when and if.  This lack of direction is hard for me.  For the first time I am not having as much luck with my meditation helping me to keep a even keel.  I know life throws you punches all the time, but haven't had this many thrown at me at once before. 

    After Ricks surgery Friday it will be better.  Hopefully.  MIL is doing pretty good and BIL is getting some things done that she has been worrying about.  Bringing things to light has given her the courage to tell him what she wants him to do.  She still wants him to go back home and take care of business.  I am not sure he should be leaving at this time, but I am staying out of it.  I voiced my concerns about the drinking and driving, the rest is up to them, LOL.

     I work tonight and tomorrow and then Thursday we go to Omaha.  Thursday is also the day we could find out about the biopsy but I am not going to ask about it until we get back.  I just don't want to know.  Gee, hide my head in the sand.



coelha said...

Turkeys are such ugly creatures...lol..  I hope the stress lightens up for you soon.  Stress is an awful thing... I hope Omaha means a much needed mini vacation for the both of you..  Hang in there..  Julie :)

kirkbyj05 said...

That surfinia is absolutely spectacular Julie!  Yiou are clever!

Its not really burying your head in the sand.  Its saving your sanity for the moment.  There is far too much going on that you have just got to prioritise it.  You do right to leave Zoey's results until after Rick's op'.  And you are right too stepping back and allowing Betty to sort BIL out the way she wants.  You have been given a heavy burden my friend but all you can do it take one thing at a time.  As you are already doing. Sometimes work can act as an elastoplast to cover up feelings and just get on with the job in hand.  That would work for me too.
Good luck, my prayers go with you and Rick for is op' in Omaha on Friday.

Look after you too!

Jeanie xx

springangel235 said...

Loved the photos...so nice...wild turkeys are interesting to see from your backyard, I am sure.  Hope all goes well for Rick..keeping him in prayer...your MIL too.  Hope you have less stress as the time goes by.
Hugs and love,

cacklinrosie101 said...

Julie, go ahead and hide your head in the sand.  You have enough right now to deal with.  It seems like things happen like that....just one thing after another piles up on each other.  I find that to be a terrible type of stress.  One thing gets settled; something new arises.  Things do leve out though.  Hope all goes well in Omaha.  Keeping you all in my prayers.  Chris

fisherkristina said...

I lovef your photos!

Krissy :)