Sunday, September 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home


        Every road leads home and we are glad to be back in ours.  Both of us slept better then we have in a week.  Own bed, own covers, own pillows and one less worry.   If I wasn't under the weather today we would be feeling pretty good.

        I had to give Rick his shot in his stomach last night.  He kept putting it off, LOL but we finally got it done.  Now I give this shot probably 3 times a night at work and don't even think about it, but it is different doing it to your hubby.  Finally with his eyes squeezed shut he goes...."get it over with".  "I'm done", I say.  "What"! he says opening his eyes, "that didn't even hurt like it did last night, I didn't even feel it, Why"?  "Skill", I tell him as I turn away relieved, skill. .  Sheesh.  1 down 5 more to go.

    He is feeling better now that most of the anesthesia is getting out of his system.  I had told him it takes around 48 hours and he was happy to see that is true.  I should know after having had 11 surgeries.  I got that down pat.  What I usually do is take my pain pills and hit the sack to try and sleep for the 2 days it is going to be bad.  Rick won't take the pain pill because he didn't like the feeling.

     Well, Zoey is looking at me waiting for her walk.  She is feeling dumpy the last couple of days also.  I suppose the staph and still from her surgery.  She gets her sutures out in 2 days.  She will be happy about that.  I think I will wait until Tuesday to ask the doctor about the biopsy.  Can we say chicken......



kirkbyj05 said...

Beautiul pictures Julie especially the juicy berries.
You are brave giving Rich his injections.  That must have been nerve wracking!
Bryan, thank goodness, had to do his own injections after his heart attack.  They treat you with insulin for three months atter a heart attack over here in England.  Thankully he didn't have to stay on it.  But I so admired how he used his needle three times every day without qualms when I knew he would have fainted at the thought prior to this.  Me too!  When its to be done to your own its more personal.
I'm glad you both slept well in your own beds...nothing to beat there? Now if they could bottle that and inject it into poorly folk who have to stay in hospital then the inventor would make a fortune!

I'm glad its all behind you now.  Prayers coming up for Tuesday and Zoey...bless her!

Jeanie  xxx

madcobug said...

Glad Rick is feeling better. I know when he does it makes you feel some better also. Good luck with Zoey on Tues. Your pictures are beautiful. Helen

inquestoftruth said...

Sounds like Rick is coming right along, and that's a real good thing.    If you wait until Tuesday, you are a stronger person than me....oh wait...I already know that!   Glad you guys are home and Ricks on the mend.    I hope your back gets better, too.    Good luck with the MRI

springangel235 said...

I am keeping Rick in prayer...hope each day he feels better.  He has a great nurse taking care of him, for sure.  I know Zoey is going to like  a nice Fall walk...hope you have a great Sunday evening...hugs and love,

lanurseprn said...

So glad Rick is doing much better. He's lucky to have you!  My best friend once had to give her hubby SQ injections once a day and she refused. She just couldn't do it, so her hubby had to go to the Doc's office each day to get it done. She lived out of state, otherwise I would have done it.

I can't believe he won't take the pain pills. I'd rather have the weird feeling than deal with pain....but I'm a WUSS when it comes to pain! LOL! He must be tough!

Hope it's good news regarding Zoey.

radar446 said...

I'm glad that Rick is doing better, must be your skills as a caregiver.  We'll go ahead and credit Zoey's good days to you as well  :)


jckfrstross said...

so glad rick is doing better:) now you feel better ok:) have a good week


cacklinrosie101 said...

I bet Zoey was sooooo happy to see you.  They just hate to be left.  I would be chicken also.  Wait until you feel the strength to call.  Chris