Wednesday, September 12, 2007

       Ricks appointment went well but I must admit he turned pale at the mention of the foley, LOL.  But he seems determined to go on.  Yah for him.  I know he is scared.  I am alittle nervous also but the doctor is so good I feel better.

     We had a very stressful day today and if you read my private journal you know what happened.  I am sitting here feeling sick and sleepy but having a hard time going to bed.  Rick is at his mothers so its just me and the frankenpuppy.  I always hate sleeping alone at night.  Yah just get used to having someone sleeping with you after 34 years.  Zoey will have to do.

     It is cold here.  A ride would have been nice but our leasure time as come to an end.  For now Rick will be staying at his Moms and I will stay here at night.  If I get to close to my BIL I'm apt to kill him and the tension has gotten so thick it radiated to my MIL which I don't want.  So I am waiting it out until BIL leaves which is suppose to be next week after we get back.  I will believe it when I see it.

     Heard on the news about all the houses on the market that aren't selling in our area.  That sure didn't make us feel better since we will be trying to see my MIL's house.  I sure wish we had talked her into an apartment when the houses were going for more then they were worth.  She never was very practical and was always stubborn.

    Well, I have a new book to read so think I will turn in and try not to let every little noise scare me.  I am such a chicken.



kirkbyj05 said...

I hope you slept well Julie.  I have read your private journal and have commiserated with you all.
I hope Zoey was good company for you through the night?  She would be your ears and eyes whilst you are home alone. So I'm sure she would let you know if 'He' were around.
I can understand your seething anger at your BIL.  It leaves you with such a stark awareness of what can roil underneath your demeanor when you are riled.  It's not a nice place to go.
Know that I am praying for Rick re; tomorrow and you too.  I hope to hear better news then and that you have been able to do something happy with your birthday...together.

Jeanie xxx

cacklinrosie101 said...

Your BIL is beyond help.  I hope he stays away but they usually don't.  Hope you are able to get some sleep.  Chris