Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Day older

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful e-cards and birthday wishes.  What a pleasure it was and I am so touched.

        Yesterday was an interesting day.   We stopped and saw my MIL and then hit the road.   For once we were early, by an entire hour!   Rick was there for his pre-op tests, his cat scan and to see the anesthesia dept. 

     We checked in early at the lab since we were there and then we going to look around while we waited, but he got right in.  Nice.  So then we went to the cat scan department 1 hour and 45 minutes early and they got him in early also.  Very nice.  I sat and drank my Starbucks and read while I waited.  He was done with that by noon so we to the Anesthesia dept next and happily got in there an hour early.  No one was upset we were early, everyone was very nice and it just went very smooth.  Next we wandered around finding the motel entrance and cafeteria, but they have a nice deli so I will probably eat there.  The place is beautiful and easy to find your way around.  I know where the coffee is, the restrooms and food, what more could I need.

    Things were tense back home and we decided not to do the Zoo or anything, just stop and eat and come home.  We went to Old Chicago and they gave me a warm chocolate chip cookie with ice cream I shared with Rick when they found out it was my birthday.  Nice.  Closest thing I have had to a birthday cake in years.

   MIL is proud of me for standing up to him.  She thinks I am brave.  I was shaking in my boots.  But she is our main concern.  Shame on him for making this so awful in what hospice thinks are her last 3 weeks.  Shame on him.

    Now all the cards are on the table though.  Rick is staying there this week, we are trying to talk MIL about agreeing to  respite while Rick has his surgery Friday and we are going to get the car away from him somehow.  And I am watching my back.  The social worker suggested we get a one way plane ticket and bring him to the airport.  Rick is going to see if MIL wants that.  I told my MIL she is one strong Dane.

     Well after this last few days my stomach has been in knots and my meditation is not helping much.  I am glad I am working the next 2 nights.    I just can't believe this whole thing.  Sigh.


maryajacobs5 said...

This is all so sad for all of you.  Don't really know what to say but thinking of you.  Look after yourself. hubby and MIL and try and enjoy what time you have left with her.



blazensun said...

Take care of yourself , Rick and MIL, she need you more now then you know.

nightmaremom said...

I am so very sorry about all this..  sending you strength and good vibes.

lanurseprn said...

OMG Julie, what a nightmare you guys are dealing with!  I cannot even imagine it. I'd be going crazy with the stress of it all!  Just know you, Rick, and MIL are in my thoughts and prayers.

jckfrstross said...

oh man what a mess. praying you can get him out of there and gone quick


radar446 said...

I'm sorry to hear that the meeting with your BIL and Hospice went badly.  That was not what you needed to deal with at this point and time.  Its amazing how much stress your family can put you under.


inquestoftruth said...

I'm so sorry about what you are having to deal with, Julie.   Even though you think he's not violent, do watch your back...hard to trust the man.