Monday, September 24, 2007

No news


        Well, the vets office wouldn't tell me anything until tomorrow when she gets her sutures out.  Hummmm.   Is that bad news?  Am I making to much out of it?  Sigh.  Guess I will just have to wait and find out tomorrow like I was going to in the first place.  

          In the morning Rick has to get his blood work and then we will spend the rest of the morning at my MIL's.   She is looking pretty bad.   BIL is back to going to the store by way of the local bar everyday so I made her lunch and cleaned a little.   I am trying to get Rick nailed down to moving in.  He is starting to really make me mad.   Than after that we are going to the vets around 2:30.

       I am feeling really fat and fluffy lately.  No riding, no exercising and bad food choices.   I need to stop eating due to stress and boredom.  After I have my pear for dessert tonight because they are just perfect right now.

     Wed. I get my
bone density test.   Now have you ladies who are menopausal had your's  done?   It is so important to get a baseline and then have it done every 2 years.  My first one was perfect.  Then I had my surgery and they removed my ovaries.  Instant menopause.   2 years later my scan was so bad they told me not to fall as I could break my back and both hips show loss.  That is when Istarted lifting weights.  I recommend  Strong women stay Young.  Great book.  So I am anxious to see if I have slowed down or stopped my bone loss.  I don't want to go on medication.  I must admit to being really terrible about taking my calcium pills though.  I am terrible at taking pills.

     Anyway I am still under the weather.  I wish I could get over this crud.  I have just enough of a temp to make me ache all over.
Take care all and peace to you all over the world.



nightmaremom said...

sending you good wishes.. no news is good news.. hugs

radar446 said...

I hope you get over your crud soon.  Hopefully you will be getting something Tuesday that will brighten your day a little.


jckfrstross said...

the creeping crud has hit here and hard we had lots of people out sick big time today:( hope you get good news tomorrow


carrotlife said...

Julie- i will be thinking about you tomorrow. I so, so hope you get good news from the vet. you could use some good news right about now. and i also hope you are feeling better by then.

rbrown6172 said...

i really like that 1st pic...did you take it?  i go next month for my annual exam and will mention a bone density...i've thought about it in the past.  and like you...i'm terrible taking pills!  hope the vet report is good news.  get better soon!!  :)

kirkbyj05 said...

I have had all sorts of bone scans during my chemo and since.  I was told there was no cancer in my bones but I never thought to ask if there was loss of bone density.  I'm sure they would have said as the treatment I am on to stop the cancer returning does deplete your calcium.  I must just check that out Julie.  Thanks for bringing it up.
Sounds like Rick doesn't want to face up to letting his Mum go.  Moving in would mean that to both of them.  How sad...I am sorry for Betty and all of you.  Times are going to be rough for you all.
I hope Zoey's results aren't what you are worrying about.  Fingers crossed!

Hugs to you my friend.  Have two pears....what the heck!

Jeanie  xx

springangel235 said...

I do hope you feel better soon...this has been with you for a good bit.  Keeping good thoughts for the answers at the Vet's office to be good.  Hope today is a better day...hugs and love,

jlocorriere05 said...

I hope the results for Zoey are good Julie. I'm sorry you feel bad right now. Hope Rick's bloodwork is OK, seems you all have a lot to contend with right now. Jeannette xx